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Cup date: 22.06.2014 , 20:00 CET (GMT +1)
Team format: 6 vs 6

Miscellanious information:
Check-in : 19:45 CET (GMT+1)
Sign-ups & Check-in till: 19:45 CET (GMT+1) - sign-ups problem? Since the service is down, you're not able to create a NEW account on . If you can't sign up your team because you can't create an account just ask me to add your team in the ODC.

Additional information:
Shoutcast: No

# Supply
# Sp_delivery_te
# Frostbite
# Et_beach
# Sw_goldrush_te
# Braundorf_b4
# Et_ice
# Erdenberg_t1
# Adlernest
# Et_ufo_final
# Siwa Oasis TE
# SW Battery
# Reactor
# Radar
# C2 Missile b3
# Bremen_b3

Round 1: Siwa Oasis TE (1 map will be played in this round)
Round 2: Sp_delivery_te (1 map will be played in this round)(ETTV if you want /q Chemik)
Semi Final:Both teams pick a map! (ETTV)
Grand Final:Both teams pick a map! (ETTV)

If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin.You can find us in @ Quakenet

Chemik /q Chemik
Mejku /q Mejku
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