[LoL PrizeCup RP] OCL EU WEST 19jan

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The OCL LoL Opening Cup will take place on Saturday 19 January 15:00 CET ON EU WEST.
You can join #ocleague.lol @ Quakenet ! Matches will be generated on the pending page, so you can use the matchchannels on the homepage to contact your opponent.
Pick a time as soon as your match is shown, and don't forget to submit the scores afterwards!
Remember that this is an onedaycup so you will need to set the time right away!
Make sure you check out the guideline "Process Match" before you insert the matchscores, you can find it at http://ocleague.com/guidelines.php . If you got any questions or problem, join our IRC channel and contact us!

Register an account and create your team to be able to signup at the signup page.

Cup start: Saturday 19 January 15:00 CET
Checkin: 19 January 14:00 - 14:50 CET

1st place: € 20 RP + Triumphant Ryze per player
2nd place: € 15 RP per player
3rd place: € 10 RP per player
4th place: € 5 RP per player

How to signup?
Once registered and created a team then go to http://ocleague.com/competition/leagues.php?view=signup&id=27 and signup. Note: 5 players are required on the teamroster and their "Summoner Name" need to be on the roster or you will not be able to signup the cup! We do not allow more then 5 players on the roster! If there are more then 5 players on the roster only the first 5 that registered will get the prizes!

How to check-in?
You will be able to check-in when check-in phase starts at 14:00 CET on the following page: http://ocleague.com/competition/leagues.php?view=signups&id=27

How to insert Summoner Name?
Once you created an account, go to your profile page and click the "register/change guid" link below GUIDS/Identities!

[*] EU West
[*] Only one map each round!
[*] For all matches The Custom Game Tournament Draft mode is used on the map Summoners Rift.
[*] Each team picks 3 bans.
[*] At the end of a match both teams need to upload a screenshot of the scoreboard in the matchmedia.
[*] Do not change Summoner names or transfer servers before receiving prizes, in order to ensure that there are no errors in the prizing process.

We opened an EU West/East 5on5 ladder. Our ladders will start on 16 december ! Many other cups will happen in the future! Get your team on our page and signup http://ocleague.com/competition/ladders.php!

Complete rules page

Cuplink: Cuplink
OCLeague website
Facebook Like us on fb for more events etc,.
Steam group
mIRC: #ocleague @ Quakenet

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