#gMen 6o6 ODC Season 7

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gentleMen 6o6 ODC

Be sure to participate
Frag hard, or die tryin'

Cup date: Monday the 28th of January, 20:00 CET (GMT +1)
Team format: 6o6

Additional information:
Shoutcast: No

The maplist for the Enemy Territory gMen 6on6 Cup (equals NC '13 maplist!) is:

Netherlands timbolina /q timbolina
Poland zAAba /q zAAba
Belgium xarQi /q ODS'xarQi
Idle in #gMen

Miscellanious information:
Signups till 19:59 CET (GMT +1)
Check-in start from 19:45 till 19:59 CET (GMT +1)

Round 1: radar (1 map)
Round 2: adlernest (1 map)
Round 3: sw_goldrush_te (1 map)
Semi Final: The new map!/Loser's choice map (2 maps)
Grand Final: both teams pick a map! (2 maps)

If there are any questions that are not listed in the text above, please contact an admin.

Sign up link: http://gentlemen.tourney.cc/sign-ups/
Website link: http://gentlemen.tourney.cc/
Rules: http://gentlemen.tourney.cc/pages/rules/

Quote by Season #6: 20-01-2013
image: award_gold Finland turbot (Swanidius, crittie, HIRVI, Stuka, vokki, Salaneuvos)
image: award_silver Germany Germany '13 (KRESTi, Bl4d3, gr0ss, duKe_, sTOWNAGE, Kevji)
image: game37539

Quote by Season #4: 13-09-2012
Europe IN YA ASS (Sinnu, Clown, aphesia, lettu, abort, Salaneuvos)
France Pharaons (Buzzer, Azur, KareN, didi, meNth, talG)
image: game35251

Quote by Season #3: 06-09-2012
image: award_gold United Kingdom colt 45 (Kamz, sTOWNAGE, xPERiA, Jere, olBaa, Salaneuvos)
image: award_silver Europe a.ToOn.eu (kiwi, razz, joshua, upload, kartez, abj)
image: game35175

You can now request a new map you wish to be added to the mappool! This map will be played in the Semi Final round of the ODC. Here's a list of the options:
- image: 20192_1 VOTE: 0
- image: 22839_5 VOTE: 1
- image: 151karsiah_te22 VOTE: 2
- image: 87382_1 VOTE: 0
- image: 40605_1 VOTE: 1
- image: 45472_3 VOTE: 0
- image: 24snatch32 VOTE: 0
- image: 12sos_secret_weapon2 VOTE: 0
- image: 23070_1 VOTE: 0

You can apply your vote by replying. The winning map will be announced of the 25th of january, so you have time to practice this map.
Anyone else noticed how having Salaneuvos in your line-up gets you
Also 10/18 of the winning team members are Finnish and every winning team has atleast 2 Finns ;)
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