#Splendid-Gaming 3on3 cup #2

Team Splendid-Gaming is proud to present our second cup!

Sign up link: http://splendid-gaming-cups.tourney.cc/

Name: Splendid-Gaming Cup #1
Game: Enemy Territory
Date: 06.03.2013
Format: 3v3
Check-in starts: 18.30 CET (GMT+1)
Sign-ups & Check-in till: 19.00 CET (GMT+1)

Teams: 10/32

Round 1: Supply
Round 2: Braundorf_b4
Round 3: Sp_delivery_te
Round 4: Both teams pick a map !
Round 5: Both teams pick a map !

Final: Both teams pick 1 map from map-pool:
¤ adlernest
¤ frostbite
¤ et_ice
¤ sp_delivery_te
¤ supply
¤ braundorf_b4

Main Rules:
¤ Players with CB/ESL/ET-CUP bans will be excluded.
¤ Players with yawn-warns will be excluded.
¤ One member from each team must be idling on #splendid-gaming @QuakeNet
¤ No-shows can be reported 5-10 minutes after scheduled match time.
¤ Breaking rules = Ban !

¤ Choose maps like in mappool.
¤ Latest config cb (clanbase 3vs3).
¤ Side ways are allowed on any map.
¤ Do not start playing before scheduled match time!
¤ Bug abuse not allowed.
¤ Bugplants are not allowed or u gonna be banned from cup.
¤ Everyone have to record demos!

After Match:
¤ Both clans have to report score to one of cup refs/admins.
¤ Any requests of demos (from opposite team or cup admin/ref) MUST BE done or u will lost for no-show in anycase.

Additional information:

Shoutcast: No
Idle #Splendid-Gaming
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