A reason on why adlernest is the best map

It felt like the KBG LAN final all over again. 3 minutes on the clock, adlernest. Adrenaline all over the place.

To those who missed out on what happened: https://clips.twitch.tv/GoldenTallHedgehogHeyGuys

I am not sure how to create a clip from a stream. But we had a sincere burst of joy securing those documents. It can be found on outlAw his stream. Credits to the iOwnage for their gameplay.

A potential 6 man panzer, by stownage: https://streamable.com/h7h5l
How 4-0 happens to be 2-4 loss in two seconds & 12hp difference!
sick plays lol
cant believe u guys did it
You mistyped Radar
How this panzer kills only you ? :D
Were the others low hp atleast ?
hit only two
The panzer hit the wall and from a different angle you could see that splashdamage had a lesser impact, because the panzer hit the wall and most players weren't too near
should be replayed; adler is not in main maplist, and bremen is not in the decider map list 8)
also one of the names is written incorrectly
sebhes even rigging the game mechanics to win a match
Embrace all opportunities
cu in meNtal moments
No suprise that Bobika has no idea whats going on...
Lepari & mAus agree - Adlernest best map
That panzer makes my heart bleed
made by the most successful comp map maker of all time! Australia Dersaidin

biggz :oooooooo
Proudly in his buddy list!
Wonder if he would say the same thing *WINK*
Its the best map cuz u can carry FranceApricot on it
sw_goldrush is the best ET map
Shit map
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