GoT hype

In before the show ends

- Gendry is the 1st son of Cersei and Robert.
- Tyrion is a Targaryen (Mad King's son)
- Tyrion will go Tywin mode and we lose the beloved god of boobs and wine

Who cares?
Who cares?
Hi Matt! Hoe it is doin in Bangalore? :D
I do not watch GoT
Thanks :)
first episode was boring af
Moi! Kurvapusti kusipää, Salmiakkionea
lol wut, based on what exactly?
i'd say none of those are true, just because jon snow ended up being aegon targaryen doesnt mean there will be more of something like that

just maybe gendry part might be true but xD
There a multiple hints about Gendry, and some about Tyrion being a Targaryen. Those are way weaker. Without going into a serious, tryhard explanation... Tywin has the sexiest daughter and son in Westeros. No chance he would fail with the 3rd kid so hard :D unlike Targaryen kids.

Cersei? Prophecy predicted 3 kids and their deaths. Jofrey, Tomen, Blondegirl are all dead.

S1E2. Cersei bsing about her lost child. She says the boy died. (That would mean a 4th child.) Lie. She even tells about the boy's appearence and Gendry also remembers some flashes about her mom X seasons later.

She just took revenge on Robert because the ex king prefered hoes over a wicked, diabolic, whiny lannister b*tch.

Yes I remember the Gendry part, but about Tyrion thats just.. Highly unlikely, as he is being hated by cercei for causing the death of their mother as in birth, and there has been no rumors about tywin's wife being unfaithful or anything

i guess this is kinda pointless argue in the end :D
Tywin killed the kids of the Mad King when they took Kings Landing. What if Tyrion if one of the Targaryen kids? Looks like a fine product of "inhouse" sesso
yeah well, that would be enourmous yes
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