need 6o6; 6 or 7 maps on sunday

Dear CF community.

after last thursdays horrible match, abSTURZ are in need for a good praccpartner, to prepare for lan.
is there a team avi to play next sunday, preferable all maps?

Looking forward to play.

pm me here, or on discord.
Divide ET impera might be a good praccpartner
that would indeed be marvelous
You owe me 2500 euros.
Eurocan avi
Avi for 5,5 maps
gtfo landodger might be able to show you how it's done, I shall check with our manager.
I can confirm we have tactics meeting with our coach in finland at this time.
The notebook is getting filled as hell. I should have brought a 2nd one with me...
Avi if needed for the whole week
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