The ETernity LAN: showmatch interests

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In just under two weeks, we will be seeing the first game of the ETernity LAN. As we already said, we wanna host a showmatch on thursday evening again. Are you interested and able to play the showmatch? To participate you will need to be at the venue on Thursday, 16th of May 2019. You will need to have your Hardware (mouse, mousepad, keyboard, headset, etc.) and your drivers with you and start your setup at 8 p.m.

The showmatch will be scheduled for 9 p.m. We want players from as many different teams to participate in the showmatch as possible. If you’re interested in playing the shotmatch, please send a private message to Germany stRay (at discord or as a crossfire pm). Let us know, which class you would prefer to play in the showmatch. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

Any questions? Feel free to private message us or comment below!

Feel free to contact us! We can be reached via discord or through a Crossfire PM.

Sweden Ekto
Netherlands Sebhes
Germany stRay

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
As the team of Professional eSports Cklub will only be able to fully gather on Friday evening (based on the fact that United Kingdom brexismo decided to arrive at 10PM at DUS airport AND forcing half the team to pick him up), we unfortunately will not be able to participate in said showmatch. However, we hope there'll be a worthy team to replace us.

See you in 11 days, #fellow.follow.friends! xoxo

PS: If you need a lift at 10 PM on Friday from DUS airport, let us know... although I doubt anyone will arrive that late..... JOE!
Thanks for doing the job of our chief of communication. Nice to see we can always count on professional team members
10.20pm for me :P
Hi Germany pArZI,

I would just like to clarify, that as I work in a job that requires me to work, this was the earliest time I could arrive in DUS for. I'm gonna brexit you at LAN m8.

Warmest regards,
United Kingdom Joe
I look forward to an amazing bit of coverage of this shout casted showmatch. Will be watching from the comfort of a bed picking up tips on the way others play.
QuoteYou need to be serious on your cast and obviously not lose the fun in casting.
just get tosspot for lan finals :-)
He forgot to pull the plug from crossfire. Better not mention to him anything about ET
Hahahahhaa I actually laughed because as far as I know this could be somewhat true
I don’t think he will this time homie
you contacted him?
stray has and it is highly unlikely..
Damn, got me reminiscing
could have set up a community donation goal, so you could have attended and maybe even have been able to break even :(
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