The ETernity LAN: Showmatch

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In exactly three days, most of us are already in Krefeld and probably sipping a beer or two. As we have announced before, we have a showmatch scheduled, to have a first test of the equipment and a nice opener for the LAN weekend. Twenty one people have signed up for the showmatch. We obviously have to call off some of you guys. We appreciate all the interest and would like to thank you there for.

The following match will happen on thursday:

image: 1e2be0-1557782346

We remind you, that every player has to be at the venue at 20:00 CET and must confirm his attendance with an admin before setting up. If you fail to talk to an admin, we will have to replace you with another player. The match will be a BO3. If every player wants to play a map or two more, and if time allows, we will make that possible.

The showmatch is primarily intended to test the equipment at the venue. That is why, we will stream the showmatch.

We hope you’re having fun playing the showmatch or watching it at the venue, as well as watching it from your screen at home.

Sweden Ekto
Netherlands Sebhes
Germany stRay

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever
gl Polandmahla !

no bloodje :(
he will be at another showmatch in the beerpong game next to the bar
Thx! :D

Obv they didnt want any fintards to play the showmatch.
Replace Netherlandspds with Netherlandsmiraya, thanks!
why not pds?
easy for United Kingdomfantasy and Netherlandsjoep
put on 10kg and take my place

all in seareal!
thank god fantagod is in my team <3
I'll buy you a shot for every revive I miss
poisoning incoming on thursday already?
hype is real
Sea is real
Hey, u noticed xd
Shoutout to kamz
I'll be waiting for a shoutout to me during the LAN <3
gl to both teams =)
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