Saturday, brought to you by professional eSports cklub

Hello nerds,

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After a fun night of partying, cklub and girls, are ready for another day of smashing nerds.

The picture at the moment: we are in the Krefeld professional apartment room. Next to me is Nico aka Anonymous Rayzed, being sexy. North of me is Pete aka Finland Woony, who is gazing around silently with his earplugs in. Carla aka Germany PaRzi is drinking litres of ice tea and looking after everyone. Francis aka France Francis is in the shower, Rick aka Netherlands Enigma is somewhere West, and most importantly of all, Alex aka United Kingdom Potty is snoring so fucking loudly that you can hear him everywhere in the apartment.

Today is the first day of the professional 6on6 tournament, and will be the day that you see your favourite ET cklub professional eSports cklub since 2008 win the golden pocal .

To any nerds who are here: cu lan. This is the moment the world has been waiting for.

To any nerds not here: I think we play at 4. Follow the professional eSports stream to see your favourite ET cklub win the pocal.

team photo missing. security chief approving!
F for missed tattoo on Potty's ass
Did nobody clip me knifing nickje? :Ooooooo
I mean, u kinda put a knife in my back :(
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