Thank you for attending the Sunday Cup

Thanks to everybody who played or watched the Sunday cup. If you missed it here are some great clips and the full video. The sound sucks at the begining but gets better during the first map goldrush.

However after rewatching the game between Magical Overload vs Germans i have to admit, it contains a little bit too much of kresti :_D.

I still hope you guys enjoyed the cast and are ready for a 2nd Edition coming in 2 weeks.

Kimi added a lot of clips with his amazing programm at gtv aswell !!!

zeto mowing down team MIG

peliku saves west radar parts

kresti at his best raping overloud

full video link

Practicing makes perfect. Looking forward to the 2nd edition m8 !
thank you for your work!
wtf is that aim from kresti
german beastery!
"kresti takes gastarbeiter out"

nice stream ♥
I appreciate the effort, but please learn how to pronounce names. My name is not Rooner and that team is not overloud or overlord.
Is it not Ruuuuner?
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