Return of Baserace

Return of Baserace

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You've got the LAN blues and you miss your computer friends? Or maybe you were one of those nolifers watching the stream the whole weekend.

Don't worry, we got your back! This sunday at 20:00 CEST, we will be waiting for you for an exceptional BASERACE event.

You can register on and we will choose captains who will make the teams based on the number of participants. Don't put your MP40 in your cupboard yet because you will need it!


Germany schNee
France LeFrancis
Netherlands Enigma

Nice effort!
16 people signed up so far !
I wish I was there to play. I might show up late to shout at people. Good work people! Make et great again
won't be last Cup, time to shine next time!
anyone has twitch stream of thursday night?
i dont think there was stream since no games
we streamed the showmatch, but we did not enable the vod, enabled it friday morning
yeah you are great at shouting SHOTSS
Ready to roll
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