song language ?? help

Hi anyone can recognize which language is it ? ?

sounds like swedish or norwegian, but as slav i cant tell
ye ..I bet its nordic language ... or dutch maybe..
It's Danish
Ok thx :) can you recognize and write here some words/lyrics from this here ?? Need because i wanna find title ...
Can't really make out what hes saying literally but i get the theme of the song, wich is what most modern songs are about, women and clubs or some shit :D Sorry i cant help you more mate, where are all my DANES at !?
Snakker ingen som dansk ?
who thought I'd ever write something here ever again! haha!

well the song is danish - singing with a potatoe stuck down his troath (of course), but it sounds like a remix of some kind. The original sound nothing like your version.

the original song is: Mortito - Alt det
and the remix could be a Hit'N'Run remix, though I did not download it to find out. Couldn't find any on youtube either.
Yeah thx mate this is it :)! cheeers !
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