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Ultraviolet - Volume II: Medius

The second of a series of three retrospective frag films, Medius includes content from the most popular era of ET (2005-2009). Unlike the previous volume, Principium, this film contains a lot of in-eye footage and is a much more lively viewing experience, while still maintaining the tone of the series.

Crossfire Community Movie of the Year (2015)

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Ultraviolet - Volume II: Medius

image: 3Feks7K
The film contains scenes from over 35 Enemy Territory players from all around the world. Some of the footage has been seen before, but much of it will be presented in a frag film for the first time and hopefully in a way that viewers have not really seen before in Enemy Territory.

Initially I had intended for all three movies to be short, however, due to all of the content I wanted to use and a lot of ideas that I had, this volume is over ten minutes in length.

Special thanks go to:
• requem for beta-testing and advice
• Artstar for beta-testing and sending content.
• Kimi for his great work on the GamesTV stats parser. It can be found here -
you are the best
The only thing i dislike is the font popup. For the rest this movie is genial, i have never seen before a "editing style" like that and i loved it a lot. Again you show to everyone that you are one if not the bestest moviemaker for ET
what a damn good movie!!

slight mistake once with colt sound instead of luger but who gives a shit
Also Garand instead of K43, but didnt hurt my viewing experience at all.
You used music of Hans Zimmer from Interstellar. You should mention that in the description own it that much to the legend that Zimmer is
really hate those long credits just to make the movies look more "professional"
I was not referring to the credits but to simple description in YouTube, under the video.
ok sorry then
The link for download is incredible, 1Gb in less than 40seconds..

can't wait to watchhhhh

Is the volume really quiet only for me? + why the cg_bobXXX :((((((((

them frags from marv :333
Awesome movie as always
wow man, awesome job!
It is a big thing we get something like this in 2015...
downloading ^^
edit: sick! i can't imagine how many hours you must have spent making those freecams that connect to the ingame pov.
Longer than I would want to admit. :-)
amazing, really inspiring
brilliant work
pumu :D
nice movie
Wow. Nothing else to say. Just wow.
so sick. never had this much goose bumps watching a fragmovie
Glad you enjoyed it! :-)
4:09 ish the colt sound instead of luger

That doc run at the end gave me goosebumps!

Make my movie! ;D WOULD PAY

All in all, awesome movie
good job
Seamlessly amazing
awesome, good job
god damn! editing game on point!
Simply amazing, made me even more proud to play a game like this
At some point the speeding things up and slowing down again started to annoy me, all in all, amazing still.
SwedenLoTiX frags, damn that one I loved! Very different than the standard ET movie, but in a really good way. Good job Max!

On a sidenote; teKoa didn't gib anyone, again.
5/5 just because of interstellar.
It is indeed an awesome soundtrack
con: felt like r3 clan full movie
pro: felt like r3 clan full movie, fucking good atmosphere. good to see something like this in 2015
"full movie"? I thought only the trailer was released :p?
Personally I didn't like the overall atmosphere of the movie but is well made so 9/10.
I'm very glad you used my parser, it means a lot to me :)
can you please put link in description here and on YT?
about movie:
++transitions and camera work
+overall atmosphere
+fitting music
+short intro and outro
+/- some nice frags but some overused in past
-timescale changes while shooting
-hitsounds sometimes seemed weird especially at @2:53
did you put sounds manually? Isn't easiest way to remove some sounds to make custom pk3 file with empty sounds?
did you search for frags in my parser's output, download ettv demo from gamestv and replay ettv demos to record dm84 demos?
did you already choose content for third movie? I can help you with that in summer
Thanks. Link is added. :-)
Putting ingame sounds manually is the only option if your style revolves around velocity changes (unless you want change velocity of ingame sound track as well - I used this in one movie and I don't think it's as good sounding as manually added sounds). Plus once you get a routine going for capturing when and which sounds appear during an action, it's piece of cake. I used this technique in my last 3 movies and I wouldn't do it any other way.

That being said - as much as I liked this movie (one of the finests ever), I don't get how it was possible that anyone "beta-testing" this movie missed wrong sounds (like colt sound for luger and garant grenade launcher for k43).
The sounds were added after beta-testing stage. They just got to see a full draft edit with music and shoutcasts. My fault. :-)
Stunning movie once again!
Goosebumps, only downside is the timescale while shooting.
almost as good as previous movie in crossfire videos section

Stunningly beautiful, atmospheric movie, Ultraviolet standard achieved if not outranked. Only thing I didn't 'enjoy' was the changing speed while shooting/hitsounds as it makes those moments feel really 'panic-esque' and doesn't feel right with the atmospheric setup the rest of the editing has. Didn't stop me from watching tho.

Well done, most likely best ET movie in/for a while!
  • Really nice camtracing, I like the alternation from player to cam to player...
  • Font was really nice.
  • Thankyou for 50fps, I didn't know YouTube supported it. I thought only 30 and 60. Don't like seeing 30fps when smoother video is possible.

  • Too much use of slowmo, it's fine for the soundtrack syncing but it was a little excessive imo.
  • At first I thought it was blurry/low bitrate but I realized it's 720p on a 1440p fullscreen view. I would like to see 1080p as these days it's the standard for gaming resolutions.
I loved the transitions and the atmosphere, however, I found it really difficult to watch with the constant changing of the pace.

There is near constant changing of the timescale, going back and forth between Slowmo, normal speed, and fast forward, often at situations where it doesn't seem necessary, for example at 9:05, which isn't that impressive even in slowmo, it's just an enemy walking around the corner holding a grenade, unable to even fire. And again at 9:21.

It was more of a distraction than anything else, and honestly doesn't do the actions justice.
Great job, thanks for doing these. Although frag sync works very well in general, sometimes it is maybe too subtle/noticeable to make a big impact especially with automatic smg frags where you maybe, too systematically, sync the very quick beat of a song to the bullets fired, but with game sound it's very difficult to notice or feel, which leads to awkward fastforward/slowmos (works great most of the time though). I guess the music and mood you want to set makes it hard to do sometimes (esp first songs). There are too many shaky cams, I'd rather have 3-4 max in the whole thing to maybe make them more meaningful, as sometimes its not visually in adequacy with the music track. I am not a big fan of some fov changes as it doesn't give a huge impact. I like how most frags suit the mood of the music well and are not just randomly put throughout, it gives a good pace to the overall. I liked the transitions, cause even if they are consistent throughout, they are all different. Sorry, I just concentrated on doing a quick critic as I am sure you know what works well otherwise.
So ye, sometimes a bit too safe, unpredictable moments like 5:25 and the very end, could maybe happen more often. Still a 10/10 :o)
Thanks for your thoughts!
love the 5.20 part!!!
Now that was nostalgic! Thanks so much for sharing and putting so much effort into it :) As some1 who didn't play ET for a decade I didn't notice any issues with slow motion and everyhing achived a great atmosphere. Kudos
Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. :-)
Great to watch, felt really nostalgic!
Thanks BuLL!
Hi -Max-, it might seem a bit old fashioned, but u happen to have a dl link for the first movie (of three) you posted on crossfire? Really nice seeing old enemies again in just a short movie :)

Ps. Even after years of inactivity, these things take you back to the place you once belonged to :)
in fact we're all still waiting for the next ET to be released :-)
Great movie, well done!
havent been online in ages, just logged in 2 say this made me wanna play ET again! great job man, thanks 2 this movie i now realize (again) that i will never experience this kind of emotion and stress in any other game 2 come.
Thanks. :-)
max! could you send me in a pm your adobe after effects settings for the color settings and grain from your first film?
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Make sure you specify the composers in the description though :)