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The Krefeld Battleground - Aftermovie

After several months of production, I am proud to release “The Krefeld Battleground - Aftermovie”. This movie contains highlights from the previous LAN in Krefeld (May 2017).

Unfortunately I could not consider every frag or highlight, since not every player shared his highlights with me. I tried to show as many players as possible, considering the fact, that the frags/highlight should be worth showing.

A big and special thanks goes to United States of Americaipod, who kept me motivated to finish this, provided great ideas and also sending me all the frags. Also, I would like to thank Portugalag0n, for being a movie genius and helping me out and of course also a big thanks to teamoxid, who made this event possible and allowed me to use their footage - make sure to visit their website (

Movie Information
Editing: Germanymental
Length: 6min 40sec
Frame Rate: 50fps
Resolution: 1920x1080

Muzzy - Spectrum
Voicians - Empire (Instrumental)

Make sure to download the video, to enjoy the full quality. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
<3 thanks for the shoutout!

Nice movie, lots of spam frags.. loved the vibe at frostbite when jere killed the objective!

I recommend downloading. Youtube quality makes it crap!
commenting in legendary movie.
Sick memories thanks for the effort mental
omg omg I'm in there xD

can't even remember that moment

nice movie!
great work, thx for shoutout and putting mine lame frags there :D
amazing thanks ipod mental and everyone involved. you guys are phenomenal
You are a great guy mental
nice! edit: oh wow im in the movie :D
Too Dark. Frags like frags but jere rifle nade was sick ;]
Easily to be mentioned in line with Dragos panzer and Matias sniper
This is dope like a pope mang
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