level 32 heretic now

bumped into Spain extAtiic yesterday

kicked some monster-ass with Finland miluu today

image: pahis

me as a mermaid

image: merenneito
well i played brumu on quakelive, he aint anything special for his big mouth x]
i nerd rolled him back in the old days and he opened a big journal about how much i cheat D:D::D

remember that journal? : D
WoW ripoff #56472.
Which is Meridian 59 : Evolution or Anarcy online ripoff. And if you want to I can give you alot of more games which were made before wow.

Now fuck off you ignorant piece of shit.
lvl 33 champion :))
Always wanted to be a mermaid.
lol magic carpets, next you'll be arranged marrying some girl with a moustache and 6 uncles
Looks like Mu online.
we managed to beat almighty dragon from today's event (took like 10mins), got 46k xp and all kind of nice stuff :PPPPP
ebin win :)

stay tuned for tomorrow's funny events :PPpPPpP
muhhvi twice (noob)
nonni, putosin kärryiltä jo ja btw flyff > boiii
aparently :D was surprised when QL randomly connected me to brumu
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