2010 VW Polo looks hot!

Saw one on the streets couple of days ago and tought it looked really cool. Heres some pics.

What do you think?

image: volkswagen-polo-2010-live-at-geneva-motor-show-img_3

image: polo20101
I like Schumacher.
GOLF CITY in black version > all
I want that in black version :x
VW Scirocco looks better imo

image: vw_scirocco_side_2
image: vw_scirocco_0-520x351
Such a sweet car, the old one looked awesome back in the days too.
the front is damn hot, but i dont like sides and back.
too expensive, but really nice
Looks nice, but golf is still better :-)
do not want
sirocco ftw :)
no, just no.
dads slk looks cooler than these space wagons
I have one (i don't know that much about cars but it seems 99.9% the same soo :D )

Bought in the end of 2009.

Some pics i took: http://ogrec.1g.fi/ag0n/Imagem0036.jpg (from Imagem0036 till Imagem0052.jpg).
nice one ! what about engine ? diesel ?
no, gasoline 1.2 75hp. I am not rich xD
Kinda happy with this car
its a nice car for a age; 21
you like driving 380 km/h at 22:11 eh?
380km was the "max gasoline i had to drive X km"
how much did you pay?
Around 16500€, i have the confortline version i think. Everything ready (papers etc....)
I read POLAK LOOKS HOT, just had to click.
Yeah it looks pretty good :-)
vw sucks
vw corrado ftw :D
looks good, but scirocco is madness
nice :)

only side parts around the wheels are shit
This car is just awesome. I remember, when I saw this car for the first time, I was pretty impressed. For me it's the best car, for a 'small' cash.

But I prefer buying old cars -> some suspension mods -> V8 engine and lets gooooo : )

Btw, something about VW - do NOT trust this mark : ). They are producing 3-cylindre engines, with both turbo and compressor (1.4 TSI). Parts in this block cant handle this power and wtf is 3-cylinders? It can handle less than 40000km.

Or FSI engine, which doesn't works properly with less than 98 patrol. But they have nice diesel engines instead.
The 3 cylinder stuff can be quite annoying sometimes because i can notice/hear it perfectly. But i got used to it already, specially because i learned how to drive at Some Seat Ibiza with same engine (i think... 3 cylinder)
Ja tam mam silnik 3.0t V6 i jestem z jego mocy zadowolony, za to z jego zuzycia paliwa juz nie - ciagnie jak traktor i koniecznie potrzebuje benzyny super..
I love my V8:
image: th_IM000495
image: th_frontsmall

Intake and exhaust are both completely overhauled, did a bunch of weight reduction, custom computer tune, USB diagnostic and tuning port, and best part is I did all the work myself so the total price of the car and all the mods is only around $6,000. 305HP, 10.9 second quarter mile last time I took it out to the track.

And I agree, 3cyl is such a weird design, they sound funny.
ugly tho 8-)
all new cars are homo
*all new mercedes are homo
You are cool guy after all
i am cool guy
looks hot but it costs nearly the same as a new VW Golf and it has nearly the same size and space as a new golf.

so i would prefer a new golf which is much more reliable and more comforrtable.
Like always at VW, no real changes :/
Kinda looks like a wagon with huge rear wheel wells.
too expenive, buy an AUDI A3 instead for that money

image: audi_a3_2010-3787-46
but i like polo more. im not gonna buy anything, driving a beamer
ye most important is that you like the car. just do a test drive to see how it goes. myself is driving a mazda 2, nice car with good handling tbh, and for my first car it was not too expensive and it got still a good quality!

image: 090106_mazda_mazda2_800x600
image: mazda2_dpa_gr
looks good :)
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