Niki Lauda vs Kubica

Quote by Niki Lauda[...]und der Sebastian fährt in erster Linie gegen den Polacken. [...] Naa .. bei uns in Österreich sind das die Polacken .. in freundlicher Weise gemeint!

Well ...Austria Niki Lauda in an interview in the german TV

Free Translation:

Quote [...]and Sebastian drives in the first instance against the Polak. [...] Noo .. in Austria we call them Polaks .. in a friendly way of course!

He means Germany S. Vettel is facing Poland R. Kubica at the start of the race primarily. Obviously he havn't recognized that this is more or less an insult. For him it's a pretty normal way call them! :DDDD

Kubica hätte heute eindeutig Startplatz 1. verdient!
mal im ernst , das war doch einfach wieder nur lucky shit von RedBull -.-
Hard to overtake at all in Monte Carlo
In fact Monaco already surprised in the past :PpP
Alonso is pretty shit. As person, even as driver he's ignorant ;)
alonso is an immense driver
Don't take it too hard. Lauda is a bit of a peasant, but he doesn't mean it in a bad way.
i dont think he is a peasant, he is more like a normal austrian guy and not one of those media superstars... he is a really intelligent guy and he knows the people like him for being normal..
I'm not saying that he's stupid. I'm just pointing out that he's a normal guy that lacks some etiquette. You probably can't blame him for that, since lots of Austrians have the same problem (just like people from Southern Germany :D)
Funny that you wrote Polak using lower case in your translation, heh, that was funny indeed.
thats how it is in austria:

Polish guys = Polacken
Croatian guys = Krowodn
Turkish guys = Tiak (Kimmltiak) / Murdl (if something smells shit, some say "Da murdlts")
overall name for guys coming from serbia/old jugoslawien/Bosnia/croatia = Tschusch (as an insult Sumpftschusch)

not all of those are meant as an insult... more like an unfriendly way of primitive talking
*pifken = yermans
idd thanks for that
what else would you call them, Poles? That's a common noun ffs, so it's not like that's any more polite than Polak :S
in german usually "pole"
yeah, the politically correct term in North America (in Canada at least, Americans would say, "[Poland]? Oh no, no, we don't say that here.") is Pole as well. Just saying that it seems strange.
maybe that one comes from the fact that people never talk about anything good when its related with poland.
means that Pole which is politically correct still is an unfriendly way of calling somebody :P
What a pussy for apologizing for smth like that - .-
putos guiris
'polacke' scheint die österreichische mundart zu sein. also ich finde das nicht schlimm.
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