last week I am not hitting anything so let's post useless stuff in the CF-Journal :D

does anyone have a good suggestion @ config?
like copy it from some1 or just make 1 yourself.

and how do i do that 'making 1 by yourself' ?


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Ugly girl = no info
check my crossfire profile down ther you see screenshots pmme if you like
check soNti's crossfire profile down ther you see screenshots pmhim if you like
"kik_aim 1" bust incoming
check soNti's crossfire profile down ther you see screenshots pmhim if you like
geen flauw idee
kijk naar configs waar ej graphics mooi vind kopier die dan naar goede fov enzo wat je lekker vind spelen:)
The new pic is better, old one looked like some 70 year old that had their face smashed in :PpPpP
p_movefixed 0 :D

does this still have any effect?>
does it affect shooting?
they said they fixed it, i don't believe them :(

it surely effects your strafing, you strafe jump better and longer with it on "1", for shooting put it on "0"

not on any server with the usual configs on. Doesn't affect anything since b_fixedphysics 1
for shooting or strafing? dunno if it effects shooting, but it definitely effects strafing.
It doesn't affect strafing on any server with b_fixedphysics 1 on it.
must be placebo then since i strafe better with it on 1 (with league configs like cb).

what i do to be on the "safe side":
while pressing jump button set pmvoe_fixed 1
if not pressing it its 0

while beeing on any weapon except smg or luger set it on 1
when beeign on smg or luger set it to 0
yes, it does
staat al op 0 , maar ik geloof dat op 1 (voor trickjumpen) ook ervoor zorgt dat je minder raakt.
wat voor graphics vind je zelf lekker spelen:)? dat alles bijv heel dof is of heel ja echt lijkt
nou dan pak je een config van iemand die dat heeft gwn een paar testen en dan die graphics opslaan en dan ga je naar een config zoeken die goede settings heeft voor je aim enzo;)
tsja idunno ;p gwn beetje verschillende configs teste van mensen die bekent zijn ofzo:p
i found a difference at this formular.
u can adjust "etpro antilag" and "rtcw antilag"
which means in cfg:
etpro: b_antilag 1
rtcw: b_antilag 2

never heard of these options. what does it affect? any1 knows?
Set your antilag: 0 = none, 1 = Neil Toronto’s antilag, 2 = ETMain
Heb je last van fps lag? dan moet je je settings wat omlaag doen.

en als je niet goed raakt, gewoon goed concentreren. Dat helpt echt! :O
anders moet je gewoon een config nemen van bekende mensen en uitproberen, kijken welke je het fijnst vindt, en dan nog wat aanpassen wat je zelf fijn vindt spelen.
ik heb dat met die van hayaa gedaan :D
Nice pic, please help this fella.

players who are not experienced with making a cfg should mostly download a config they find nice or from a player they like, and just do a few minor changes, such as visual, hud, crosshair etc
neem mijn config ik ben erg goed
pm magii. hes lord of configs :D
check soNti's crossfire profile down ther you see screenshots pmhim if you like
My cfg = rules da world.
mine its called etx or smth
where can i get this config?
It is my own, created by myself year for year. You can download it from my ftp: - but watch out, I have been told that the complexity level of it is very high (though if you have a bit of experience, you can easily modify it and you will get used to my binds / scripts in matter of hours).
makes your own - use internet or spam someone who knows what to do XD
prolly palehook
rivatuner stupid noob
u are a stupid noob!!
play over year with your own config and u will be skilled like ..
oh wait :D
my cfg ofc
Everyone whos testing different cfgs is stupid, just get used to your own and play with it.. no use in switching cfgs..

you play best with your own cfg
smirzz cfg is nice
sheep.cfg or reinstall et and play with the default cfg :D
man u don't need to reinstall ET to have default cfg, just make a cvar_restart ;)
also a possiblity
Get a Fov you like, get sens you like. And then decide whether you want to look ET blurry or very detailed.
maar men nieuwe is echt kankerpro D:
my config :>
Remeber about delete smoke in cfg:
Like u can see here :>
  • [img|left][/img]

  • [img|left][/img]
i think that only works with some nvidia geforece cards? if not pm commands :)

the "trick" i know only work with some 7900 or 7800gt nvidias (i think they were called like that)
Apparently is cmd for it but idk.
gimme the cmd :)
HenQ cfg is the best!
where to download?
no idea, he sended me it :P
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