pokerstars tonight

anyone playing poker

id number 312010755 hold em rebuy, tourney
my muscles are so sore so I cant go to sleep
playmoney? or real money?
got like 1$ left
go play
I hate rebuys, fucking randoms going all in with shit cards just so they can rebuy...UGH!
well depens on buy-in.
true dat, but the higher stakes are too serious for me, I cba to focus on a game of poker for 3+ hours
not random at all, its strategy

if normal tourney player who likes to play rebuy/addon tourneys,
well he has all it covered already, he takes more risks etc

say 10$ buy-in 1R1A, the guy buys in and he never thinks that he doesnt need those 2, he has always considered a buy-in to be 30$ not 10$
matter of adjusting the play according to rules, nothing random at all

and if u are going to rebuy/addon tourny without will to put in more money, then dont play them thats just stupid and u have higher chances in getting higher place on regular tourney
guessing you replied to the wrong post I made, but nP :-)
What I meant was, people that go all in regardless of the hand they get, there's nothing strategic about going all in with 3-9 offsuit, its just random.
going all in in end of rebuy period with 3-9 if u have same stack as at start or a bit smaller/higher is not random if as i said u have taken that into account that u dont spend just 10$ but 30$ into there.

3-9 can win also and if u have that kind of bankroll management and have considered the fact to take the risk, its not random
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