any bot experts ?

Hi xfire
I havent’ played et \watched ettv for a while & recently decided to watch several games of banda & eoh ( Russian m8s )

I ‘ve made an avi & I appreciate some experienced the-software-which-helps-you-to-aim’s customers players like kenta & AlexL will give their opinion about the tracking & switching between the targets ; is it natural, guys?

I am a noob @ making avis & you should better watch the replay
AND IT’S NOT A BUST AVI ) & I don’t want to say that sunny guy cheats.

Update: reuploaded to ftp instead of rapidhare.
=>Direct ftp link

Just kinda strange that recently, banda played vs nobrain 2 matches in a row & easily won.
@ last match @ order cup, even playing 5vs5 with mightybro, ( Banda’s inactive leader ,who is lowmax @ aim :D ) nobrain was fullheld @ flag @ supply.

Quote pt Void Saturday, 8th May 2010 00:29
How the fuck? Weren't nB low+ max a month ago?

A couple of weeks pass & sunny who was nothing special @ those 2 games –
is now highest fragger & has highest light weapons @ 2 of 3 maps with krucio FUZZ & h8m3 playing. (& I heard h8m3 is high\ high+ aimer ! )
& 3 men sprees are np for him.

If you have a time – pls watch the replay & give your opinion.
image: game18743

have a nice day

Ukraine FORWARDUA <3
boom headshot!
h8m3 is amazing
h8m3 u cheater!

2x dynocounter?:(

1st luger hs is wierd and last luger hs on the 2nd guy...

awesome sound!
dude, learn to check profiles , I am his fangirl.
? :D thats just nothing
h8m3 is high \ high+ aimer :)
h8m3 <3
Quote by somerandomeguy(& I heard h8m3 is high\ high+ aimer ! )

image: HatersGonnaHate
bhuuuum hetshat
i think the first change = he come back and shoot the 1st guy,

and the second change, he try to kill the obj but not enough bullets.

yep, when you see the player with the obj, thats the target that you want to kill first :p
hm boring -.-
sunny aint a cheater rofl :p
stop raging over a fucking game.
Quote& I heard h8m3 is high\ high+ aimer !

Isn't sunny that girl from .55?..
sunny from mF| ? i think (s)he was finnish :P
I might know that Sunny, she is playing under name Anni now.
Anni is Estonian afaik?
Annu = Estonian Anni = Finnish
Ye sunny from mf :P. I dno, Finish or German, ITS ALMOST THE SAME :P:P:P
not the same ;-)
where is a bot ??:DD
In your wrist, you fucking cyborg!
on your desktop
It is good to meet girl in park , it is better to park meat in girl.
laurence cant carry all those commies :(
h8m3 rolling all
don't you worry, just wait for slac.

90% of team nobrain will face a sudden skilldrop then (plan is to rage their irc-chan once slac is released)
Provide more details, please : - )
wie gesagt, bald dicke partEEEEEEEEEY bei euch im chan.
nB hat einen Channel? : D
wir warten da auch drauf dann halten so leute wie du endlich ihr maul :)
wie gesagt, kommt zeit, kommt gewissheit.
hab da auch kein problem mit mich zu entschuldigen, falls ihr dann weiterhin auf dem selben niveau spielt.

seriously, not gonna happen
(timeline of sunnys skill: leaves 3g, somewhat around (low +)-ish i guess, and after sum month with/at noBrain he can easily compete with sum german oldschool players.
me don't think. and i'm not the only guy ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
na dann ..mir ist das egal was andere denken er war auch bei 3G nicht low +

und auf das entschuldigen komme ich dann zurück ;)
nB cheating? D:D::D:D

Joke of the year - award is waiting for you.
Ill give u my opinion from my own experience that it does look like humanized aimbot binded to mouse1(or what ever he's using to fire) with low settings to hide it(fov1-2 and low humanvalue)..

u can see it from the first luger kill how the crosshair moves on the guys head stops there and follows it in a weird way..

I dunno the player and its rly hard to judge from a clip like that.. but the luger kill looks quite weird.
as far as I know, luger is harder to cheat with. Most cheaters have a great lugeraim, even when the play without, since most players click it for every bullet so the aimbot doesn't have the time to adjust it. It only can adjust for less than a second. So following the head would be impossible with luger, only if he gots the luger-aim. :o)

But I might not be an expert ;P
or if the bot aint binded to fire.. if u bind it to mouse 2 or any key u want.. then when it comes to tough situation like in the clip u can use it..

dunno if u watched the avi but if u did u can see yourself how the first lugerkill looks weird.
didn't saw it & indeed.. I forgot you can also bind it too an another button but mouse1.
i played him myself today and i must say either hes just rly good aimer or it's an aimbot.. myself i would say an obvious aimbot..
u defo iz no expert :PP
spec RAMoZz - thats Skill @ Supply :)
fREAK[rAMOS] Sunday, 23rd May 2010 19:22
will be hard for nB without RAMoZz...

mein gott ist das erbärmlich =) als nächstes machste dir auch nen fakeaccount wie scatman und wünschst dir selber glück?! =D
ehm, wieviele 1000 schreiben sowas, & ausgerechnet mir zitierst du es? :DDD
He failed to save the game by the looks of it, if he cheats, lol.
was solln da cheat sein ??? Solche Treffer hat eigentlich jeder ... egal ob low ode high.
They can't get tank on goldrush, but are cool players on delivery and supply.
:) thats right :p
There's already some nerd sunny that's busted, cba to login to pbbans to find out.

boooooooooooooooom hedshuuuuuuut
They're obviously cheating 1 month ago they where searching low 3v3's now theyre winning against med+ in 5v5`?
wonder why u defend them haha ex team
I'm not defending them but stating facts
its not a fact if its false, u know that?
It ain't false since I've been playing with them for two months now, which is, why I know what kind of enemies they already beat
cut em some SLAC
sure its strange how he aims at the last guy but the avi is totally crap, next time show the scene fastpace and then this slowmo thingy
u mad nigger ????
maybe just look at the linup ?

E: old lu

New lu :

it changed

We got 2 new players aka Ramoz and Techniker ..

and sunny wasnt the owner against banda alone ramoz had 10 k dmg to so np ...

EE: watch goldrush we owned them hard ?!

but btw thx for e-fame again :) im waiting for slac then u can stfu ...
Haha Fail.
I think,now there are enough avi´s.Now we can make a big avi, with all fail movies.Thx for your great work
sunny is just a skilled MAIS!! aller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...morefragmovies pls 4 him ))))))))))))))))))))))

mfg huan der BOSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
and this should be a cheat? okay im megacheater
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