Win7 Graphic Bug

I just got my new PC and i copied my old ET to the new harddisk. Starting etc works fine but i got a strange graphic bug.

image: 2z3s46v

Problem Solved, kthxbye ;)
This looks like an ATI Graphic Card bug not Windows 7

Install older/other drivers of your graphic card
do you have any version in your mind, so i dont die trying ;)
It depends of what graphic card you have, I got one from the 58xx series. And now I'm using this:

It's the 10.4 version and I had the bug with the 10.5..
thanks alot, problem solved :)
must be a drivers prob
broken gfxcard ?
wouldnt expect that cuz its brand new :)
werkfehler ?
i guess its a driver related problem. But of course the gfx could got delivered broken. :)
Ist doch keine competition für dich.
Atis newest update has a bug atleast. version 10.5 or something. I installed it and ground was all black! had to uninstall whole driver
my et is running fine on 10.5 drivers -.-
Strange.. Maybe it depends in graphics card? Ive got radeon hd 4850
I actually have the same.
wtf at oil stains. you american?
I facepalm at people here...

They find a problem somewhere and immediately blame the O/S rather than use their brains.
That looks cool! Send me your cfg!
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