we search

image: clogo_b

We are looking for:

  • stable med skill
  • motivated
  • loyal players
  • around 17+, be mature
  • no need for 2 week kids
  • non (gays) cheater
  • Europe or Germany we don't care =)

We can offer you:

  • War server
  • BNC's
  • Ventrilo 2.1.4
  • Homepage
  • maybe some nice tax if needed

As we need a whole team, we are searching for:
  • A good ingame leader
  • medic's
  • fops
  • allrounder
  • soldier
  • rifle

Don't be shy, just pm me or leave a comment here
gogo we need u!
how often train?
It matters how often you need it, we don't say do so much trains. Just make as much as you need to be as good as you need to be.
take meee
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