Hitsounds ín ET

is there any way to make Hitsounds in ETPro smaller (less volume).

"Yes & how" or "No & why" answer is appreciated.
No & why
What & fuck
no, don't know why :(
why would u want to do it? just add some chipmunk voice to the game and enjoy
I play better without hitsounds but I'd also like to know how much health enemies have, thus I want hitsounds to be on low volume
hm, i think you just need to concentrate more.

this means, hitsounds kinda affect your aiming, and you start to do big movements when you dont hear the hitsounds anymore? lower your sens, or just keep shooting and concentrate more (it really helps! :D)

i experience the same reaction with /hitsounds 0. but you cannot solve it by just lowering the hitsounds volume imo.

try a toggle? so you can always switch on /off, should be possible :))
I found it easier to just turn b_hitsounds to 2 and get instant 10acc boost than concentrate all the time
btw, i forgot to flame (kidding):

"...and get instant 10acc boost"

you finally shoot 30 acc? :D ;P
No I finally shoot 52 acc
52 acc! SS or never happened! :D
image: deliverylol
image: loled

the 2nd one is from public though
nice :D

except for the "lol"-stuff. thats annoying :D
b_hitsounds 2 :D
I'm atm playing with that but I feel so helpless when I dont know how much health enemy has sometimes :(
hmm, You can also play with b_hitsounds 0 ofcourse, you can actually see/hear(its REALLY REALLY LOW) when you hit someone (small "cloud" coming from the person you hit.
Ye that's what I depended on low range preshoots but I have small resolution and small screen so it doesn't help that much on long range

+ the HS sound is sexy, dont want to lose it =)
b_hitsounds 2?

what does it do? :D:D:D

concentrate is always good though ;P (or smoke a joint, it will come automatically :D)
hitsounds 2 u hear only hs
s_khz 22

E: It's more important to know how much HP you have yourself than your enemy.
wtf lowering my khz actually made the hitsounds sound less piercing and overwhelming :0
make a script
when your shooting lower your ingame volume
i can imagine such a script would affect pc-performance (cpu, whatnot)
yeah you can do it with sound drivers, will have an impact on other ingame sounds also ofc.

oh yeah and if you cant be arsed changing sound driver profiles everytime you could just add more bass.
I play with less bass for example, hate bass in ET. Feels like I hear the actions later.
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