things on animals

i've come to realise that there are no dedicated internet portals for things balanced on animals

this upsets me because sometimes it can be really hard to find such pictures, and they always cheer you up

which is why i'm going to launch a hip new web startup, i'm yet to purchase a domain name but it will be something to do with things being on animals

i need help getting started/building up some initial content, so post pictures of things on animals and a tag/label for it


eggs on dog
image: eggdog

cup on dog
image: cupdog
bird on bird
image: 2birds
What a stupid idea, thought I'm not surprised
girl on girl
image: 291208031121_wild-things-455
dog on bike
image: dog-on-bike
dog on motorbike
image: 001557384
I literally just did this in response to that video. Amazing.
image: snake_eating_baby_chicken
snake with chicken
chicken in snake*
Topman denim check shirt on monkey Shuki
image: monkey_wearing_clothes-11981
there is a site, only for cats tho
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