Warsow iduel cup #1

When?: 20.06.2010 17:30 CET (Sunday)
Check-In: 20.06.2010 17:15 CET (Sunday)
Game?: Warsow
Type?: InstaGib Duel
Players?: 8/16/32/64 players.
Type?: SE or DE we will see.
Admin?:Poland trausi

-Have Fun
-Timelimit = 10 ( callvote timelimit 10 )
-Fraglimit = 0
-g_instagib 1
-allow_falldamage 0
-Each Player choose map, so in each round you must play 2 maps, If there is a draw, players needs to play 3rd map (choose map from mappool by picking out.. )and play it with TIMELIMIT 5 ( /callvote timelimit 5 )
-Every Player must record demo and make screenshot with results. (cg_autoaction_demo 1, cg_autoaction_screenshot 1)
you must idle #instawsw @ irc.quakenet.org and you must be easy to identify !
-Scores to trausi
-NoShows in 10minutes report it to trausi
-r_picmip can be set to whatever you like. (FROM ESL)
-Brightskins are allowed !! (FROM ESL)
-Custom crosshairs are allowed !! (FROM ESL)
-Custom huds are allowed !! (FROM ESL)
- Modifications not mentioned above and external programs like wallhacks, timers or ATI smart shaders are forbidden and will be treated as cheats. (FROM ESL)


Cup starts at 17:30 CET

Singup: http://instawarsow.tourney.cc/sign-ups/ [instawarsow.tourney.cc]

Have Fun!