Sushi for dinner

So I just brought home some sushi, for dinner, thought it was a perfect evening to feast on some Japanese cuisine; since Denmark The Team will play against Japan Japan.

So, who is going to progress from Group E? Will the taller Danish team be able to shot down the Duracell bunnies from Japan?

Of course I hope that Denmark will advance from the group-stage.

Random image from the DK-NL match:
image: rommedahl
i'm coming to copenhagen next month :o

gonna visit some cheaters :o
Jeg ogsa bor i Danmark.
You just failed.
It's: "Jeg bor også i Danmark".
Yeah I kinda knew it was the other way round as in German but I wasn't sure so I kept it :/ And I also don't have the bolle-a on my German keyboard :(

I wish my close neighbours to the north the best though.
cheering on Denmark ofc, Schmeichel 4ever!
His son Kasper Schmeichel, is probably taking over when Thomas Sørensen retires from the national team.
i'd love to see him playing in the next world cup, let's hope so
It's gonna be interesting that's for sure.
Never tried sushi :{
no tapeworms inside you yet
piss off no1 cares
ate some sushi , nigiri and sashimi once ... fucking expensive and tastes horrible.
its awesome, you just had it at the wrong place :o)
Hmmmm, sushiiiii <33333333333
i will order an endstazioni at my fav italian pizzeria
did you get your ass whooped on sd???
will be interesting match, although i think im gonna be zapping to oranje from time to time
draw imo
yes. after all the "look at me im in japan" going on for weeks i finally found the time to tell you: no1 cares.
even more precise: its freaking dumb to live with asian. DUMB! u hear me?
I hope you get worms in your belly
You had better eat flæskesteg. :/
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