Mashed ;)

First time i heard him shoutcast and apart from maybe TosspoT kept me most engaged. But wow how many words does he speak a minute? ;). He even chocked himself one time for saying to many words. for performance 9/10 and enthusiasm 11/10. Whats with the music tho...

image: talkative_preview

(on a side note : Dignitas 4 IDK 2 )
mashed is a beast wb <3
IDK you losed!
Mashed > Tosspot in my opinion. Great shoutcast dude, looking forward for more.
TosspoT>Mashed imo
Yeah tosspot is good, I just like Mashed more. :=D
TosspoT's similes win it for me :PPPPPPppppppPPPPPPP
Tosspot of 5 years ago > Tosspot now :-)

But you can't blame him for that, things have changed
Oh yea he's an animal allright.
Mashed > Tosspot (sorry tossy ;) )

But thats only shoutcastingwise
name of the song, then the match ended?
3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
does he still talk so fast :D?
mashed was always the best horse racing commentator..
chuckled :P
Mashed rules:) but old tosspot was just as good 8)
any download link?
he did great
actually really enjoyed it.

hope for more
tosspots best time was 2006-2007
He'll be better, i'm sure of that!
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