happy :))!!

I am so happy. Today is finally the day where i could buy one of the greatest things ever! I guess that everyone would love to have something like this, too. It is so great that i cant find any other words for it anymore. It is cool, awesome and fantastic at the same time. Relly. You can all believe me. Finally i bought myself the new Cascada Album.

so cool :)
every time we touch
i want you to die
and every time we kiss
I swear I taste aids.
cant you hear my heart beats so
are there little kids in it?
A happy pedobear...
image: to-catch-a-predator
Happy bear is happy.
lol @ buying an album xD
good job buying garbage
I thought you bought a prostitute.
This topic and its replies sums up whole crossfire. Brilliant :)
posting in epic journal
nice story bro
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