mouse hz 500 or 1000

guys i got an mx518 for ET what better 500hz or 1000hz and why :D?
1000hz ofc, its more than 500hz duh
cool explanation
plz chek zeh comment below of triflip :S
I'm playing with 250hz myself, tested it with the tool, on 1000hz it was just jumping all the way around, 500hz gave me an average of around 333hz and 250 was really stable.

Just test it for urself, maybe u got a newer mx518 and it can handle the 500hz better
what, 1000 works fine for me
no you is 500 so its better
500, 1000 is too unstable
1337 will do the job!
1000 wont work , at least i tried it and my mouse stucked then.
125 hz = 8ms
250 hz = 4ms
500 hz = 2ms
1000 hz = 1ms
probably, but I don't think it exists
10000hz = 0.1ms?
500 for mx518
1000 can be used on more stable mice
mx518 cant handle 1000, go for 500
i agree with the suggestion of 500 max for 518
mx518 isnt able to go to 1000 if i remember correct.
anyway 500 is quick enough id say.
you suck anyways, so why bother tryin'?
Using DA at 500, 1000 was abit unstable.
No, with mine its stable 1000hz !
1000hz are stable on my DA but I always get positive accel with it
with 500hz everything is fine
100Hz and still owning so hard.
Can't imagine how the fuck I would own with 1000Hz :}DD
u wouldn't cause u don't do it with 100hz :p
and the haters of the haters gonna hate back
Someone link the thing where you can check the stability of dem herz.
google - mouse rate checker
New DA nowhere near stable...
I'd use 500hz if i was you kazz m8
dunno how it is with setpoint today, but few years ago, it caused more problems than good, since then I am not installing any drivers for mouse, I dont think its needed (maybe when u want some fancy dpi x/y changing and other useless stuff). I recommend not to install any drivers, just use accellfix, set usb rate to 500 and play.
1000 better in my experience, tho at least my mx518 can't handle it
I use 500hz :D
using 500
Don't think MX518 can handle 1000Hz, 500Hz is all you need for ET
use 500 for mx518; old mouse can't handle 1000, it will destroy the mouse :D
maybe its placebo but i always got more hs with 250hz + its more stable, anyway 500hz is so fucking smooth and i like it
Using 500hz with my DA even though it's capable of 1000hz I don't feel it is as stable. MX518 uses 16bit buffer meaning it can't handle 1000hz.

Use 500hz, 1ms is hardly noticeable.
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