Sore losers on CF

You cry-babies with way too much testosterone need to stop whining and flaming like the little kids you are.

Spain got lucky that Robben didn't score one of the two massive chances that he had but that's sport. He didn't score, simple as that.

Simply congratulate Spain for winning the WC as they were the overall better team during the entire game.

Congratulations to Spain for winning both the EC and WC in a row. See you soon hopefully in a friendly game or on the next EC / WC.

(glad I don't have to listen to those fucking vuvuzela's anymore)
Agreed on the last bit, also this is Crossfire.
BUT THE REF?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!
holland were lucky to have 10 men on the pitch, cant really complain.
Quote by mens0 on 11/07/10, 22:05:56U must be kidding. The Elftal got clearly advantaged.

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whats wrong with him
Quote by mens0 on 11/07/10, 22:05:56U must be kidding. The Elftal got clearly advantaged.

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he goes daddie ronner again, let ppl be sad that the first final in 32 years is lost again
Being sad is something different that senseless frustated flame. Even when you are sad you should simply have the decency to be a sportive loser and congratulate your opponent on winning the WC.
agreed, you dont have to tell that to the whole crossfire, let those ppl act the way they want, you really dont have to say something about it (again iirc).
Indeed. :D If I would be a dutchie, there would be nothing more annoying than Ronner's do-gooder-style atm.
thats a good way to describe it thanks, off to bed cyu!
do-gooder? tsssk. I just can't stand sore losers, that's all.
Spain had a lot of good chances as well (Villa, Fabregas). Except for Robben's chances Holland didn't really have anything noteworthy.

Deserved winner.
The header from Mathijssen was a good chance too. And two other shots from Robben when he cut in from the right and shot, but Cassilas did two good saves on that. Overall a deserved win for Spain.
Wouldn't exactly call those shots from Robben good chances. He just shot from a long way out, that's it. Being on target doesn't make them good chances.

Mathijssen's header wasn't much of a big chance either, I'd rather call Sergio Ramos's header a big chance then.
Of course it was a big chance. Ramos's chance was equally big!
I hope the vuvuzelas stay in africa, we dont need em in europe
Go try to win a popularity contest somewhere else ignorant fuck
Popularity contest? Perhaps you should just buy a "word of the day" toilet paper with the word "Grace" on it.
Trollid hard?!
finally a dutchy with an objective and fair perspective, robben should have scored 2 times (even spain should have scored with fabregas and the other chance), both teams missed 2 clear goals, and spain got the deserved win in the end.
spain did miss alot to i just think casillas saw that coming and saved the goal epicly with his foot ;)
The one chance of Robben that he saved with his toes could've gone both ways, but it's still a save :) Congratulations.
yes, spain were also lucky vs germany ..
they were only strong in the midfield and with passes. germany were too fuckin scared.

i haven't watched nl vs spain becuz i would have wished it both, being WC winner.
both for the first time. . both would have earned it ..

but it's over with spain now.. no more WC or uefa wins for them

mark my words!!
overall better diving ability
Age: 38 ( 17 May 1972 )
I would've said the same thing when I was 18 so my age shouldn't matter.
:) just explains that you're more mature and grown up than most of the pll around here. No offence.
none taken. Must be the generation gap I guess ;)

Just like how 'mature' you were acting here. Must be the generation gap too I guess.
No regrets about that moment imo. Killerboy has produced some lists that were made with little brain to it. Other than that, we drank a beer on cic7 without any hard feelings.
funny you say we got to moch testosterion totaly balled at age of 38 ..
balled? lol.

I was already bald when I was 21 or 22 or so and yes, baldness has something to do with testosterone. Lucky for me I have some sense in me to be able to control it ;)
now they are attacking father ronner, whats wrong with nl kiddos?? must be weed, they shouldnt allow it
Ronner is always right! stop this massive whine here
Now you insult someone cause he is 38 lol?

1- Germany would have been a much better opponent for a final.
2- Holland's gameplay was pathetic, dirty and obviously his coach told them exactly how to stop Spain, they failed.
3- Lucky lucky... yeah, Spain won the worldcup cause they are lucky. They have one of the top scorers of WC, the best midfields in europe, and the best defense including Casillas, but I guess they are lucky. Is the team that has shooted more to goal and the team with the highest overall possesion of the ball. kk
4- Crying for the referee means you really have brain issues as the referee was fucking Spain and in any other match Holland would have ended with 8 or 9 players.
5 - Now cry or flame someone cause he is 38, nothing would change the fact that Spain is the best team in the world.

Who's flaming me?
not me papi.
I know, but you mentioned it twice so was just wondering.
wrong person to reply on!
euphoric? Wtf do I have to be euphoric about? g-DAAAMN :P
as i wrote.. wrong person to reply to .. :-D
agree on every single point.
btw congrats to spain
rofl, guess u didnt watch the press conference with maradonna bout pt vs es . and tbh that applies to many other games in this wc
calm down .. you euphoric cnut . .

for me spain hasn't impressed me .. any other WC winner would have stopped them!

germany had too much fear (for what reason ever) against spain. they played like they had
some wood stuck up their ass .. vs spain ..

spain would've lost vs argentina .. i bet my hairdo on that!
vs argentina????? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Spain won Argentina before the start of WC. Learn a bit before you write please.
And Germany was a decent opponent blocked by a better team.
dude you better learn abit more about soccer ..

if germany would have played against spain like they have owned england and argentina
and if germany would have had muller, spain would've lost ..

argentina is also midfield strong .. just like spain. and who cares about some fagget
friendship game before actual WC ? .. italy and/or france played well before WC
but got owned in WC .. duh

i wonder if you would have had the same big mouth if spain would've lost vs paraguay or
germany .. fagget
who is worldcup champion sir?

go to sleep
is that all you can come up with? spain won WC once, before that never made it.
i wonder why?!

who has won WC the most? ..
yes, It wasnt the Germany we saw the matches before and yesterday.
They didn't have Müller!
Spain barely scored 7 times in like 7 matches.

Reminds me of Germany 20 years ago. Almost every match was 1-0
1. Yes. Holland - Germany would have been epic!

2. Their tactics lasted as long as Iniesta dived a red card for Heitinga.

3. You always need luck to win World Cup, but yeah Spain was the best team ( Germany was fucking good also, but too bad Spain played their best game against 'em + Müller wasn't playing)

4. If Robben had fallen in his breakaway, it must've been a red card for Puyol, instead, nothing?!

Red card for Heitinga from Iniestas dive (yes they played rough, but that situation wasn't worth a red card)

The goal! Should've been a corner kick before the goal + a free kick for Elia.

So yes, I can feel the frustration!
Im not going to reply to someone from Finland speaking about football sorry sir.
The only frustration came from the spanish guys seeing how holland players did 25 faults, most of them worth yellow card and only got one player off.

Only taking Van Bommel and the fact he ended the match without a red card would need an entire journal.
yea. . van bommel would've gotten a purple card or whatever.. banned for life ..

fagget dutch idiot shud lose his soccer license .. pathetic fool being rude as a mo .. yeee
You won't reply to me cause you know I'm wrong :)

And what difference does it make if I'm from Finland, I've played football for 12years in my life, (been a referee for 1 1/2 year LOL) and football has always been the #1 sport to me.

+ it's hard to talk about football when you're as biased in your opinions as you are sir.

Yes, V.Bommel deserved a yellow, maybe a direct red but so would had Puyol also IF Robben would had fallen, which I can't understand why he didn't since he was constantly lying on the ground..

And again Holland were meant to play hard to ruin Spain's passing, and it worked until the players got tired and Iniesta dived a red for Heitinga.
Ah the holy Ronner is talking again.
You are just as annoying as those so called high testorone kids. Because you are the opposite of them. Most people think that is annoying also.

A real winner, will be mad and frustrated after he lost. Only thing that is wrong, that some people cant controll it. And i didn't see that here. It's good that people express themself on the internet. Instead of raging outside and doing something that is really wrong.
Gimme a fucking break. Being frustrated and disappointed is something completely different than disgracefully bitching and whining without even the slightest bit of comprehension to see that the opponent is the overall deserved winner. You can be mad about the ref having a big hand in the game but that went both ways, which is always sad, especially for a final, but if you can not see that Spain was the overall better team and thus in my eyes deserves to win this then you simply have no grace at all.
Did i say anything about the win not being deserved? I dont think i said anything about that.

You are flaming the so called kiddies, what makes you better than them, because you are doing exactly the same? I didn't see anything bad here on CF, next to frustration and mad people. People have emotions. It's good to let them express it on the internet by writing the frustation off them. They dont hurt anything or anybody with doing that.
It's not a case of "what makes me better than them", it's just that I can't stand people that are such sore losers that they have to express that to each and everyone around them. No matter where or how they express it.
You just need to accept that there are people who are different. And i think it's better to express yourself on crossfire where nobody reallly cares about them. Than destroying things outside, something what is happening now also.

I don't like it that much either. But i just accept the fact, that not everyone can controll there emotions properly. And it's not only a problem with these so called kiddies.
I don't "need to" accept anything. If I see people misbehaving I will respond to it by telling them they are being stupid. Be it on crossfire, flaming and whining immaturely or rioting on the streets. Period.
we didnt prac
Im still surprised they let this ref do the final...what the fuck was he doing? that jump kick from de Jong...definate red, the red for Heitinga...??? he barely even touched the guy....van Bommel made a few charges could easily got 2 yellow...Iniesta gets like 6-7 warnings and gets a card after he takes his shirt off?? where did this idiotic ref hide his eyes? at least with Colina you could see them...this bald fucktard needs to be suspended from ever doing a final again.

and yes, robben should've scored but he's a fucking failure.
we lost, we played shit...but spain didnt play that good either, wp either way.
Robben ruined his country's chances of winning it.

I've said it before... he's too scared to take a hit with his right foot.
yep this is it folks
Lots of missed opportunities on both sides imo, but Spain was just more dominant and in control. Even though I was cheering for the Netherlands, I can't say Spain didn't deserve the win. Congrats to them :)
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