Beware for a fake i3d salesman

Found this on tek9

Posted by nospangtwyz1nz on 2010-07-12 15:34:46
Hello everyone,

I want to warn everybody for some guy that's adding people to his xfire and tells them he's an i3d co-worker and that they are giving away free servers when you just simply vote 1 time for their organisation in some sort of competition to be the best gamehost in the Benelux.

This sounds like a fair deal but when I asked him how to vote he gave me a "0900number" which is a phonenumber that is used in Holland buy organistation like Médecins Sans Frontières or funds to raise money for people that has illnesses like cancer/asthma/etc. When you call this number it will cost you 80ct per minute (well when your Dutch, if you call it from outside holland you'll probably pay a lot more) and you have to enter some sort of payment code. Than he says you have to be on the phone for 40 minutes and after that you disconnect automatically and you voted for i3d.

I didn't trust this because when I asked him how he could prove he was from i3d he had no legit answer and also he had no e-mailaddress because he said that he's a 'salesman' and not someone from the staff. So i simply e-mailed i3d about this and they responded immidiately that this is fake.

Here is some information about this guy, but when he notice this post he can also change his xfire/phonenumber/payment code.
xfire: kirikoe
xfire name: Buhizz ;)
phonenumber: 0900-5500400 (for people outside holland he can simply put the country code in front of it)
code: 492078

Apparently he's an 35-year-old belgium, but that can be fake as well.

Just be carefull


apparently he either has a 2nd account or a m8 that is helping him, just found this on the xfire forum where some other dutch guy is telling some similar story.
Here is his information:

xfire: kutkip6
xfirename: Kriptooooon :D

According to his xfire profile he's a 25-years-old Belgium

*UPDATE2* Thanks to Jimmy
That 'kirikoe' guy seems to be "Kristof Deflo" living in Mechelen
ah thanks, finally someone who can give me a server
gonna add him on xfire in few minutes
np m8 but cod servs only
a stranger contacts you and offers free stuff - all you need to do is call an unknown number?
sounds like a deal
yup, just had a talk with him on phone
my cod server will be online in 2 days :))))
QuoteAdding people to his xfire

So people above the age of 16 are safe, good to know.
cool gonna add him on xfire and troll him :D
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