Looking for a ..

Spawntime script where I can enter spawntime with keypadnumbers and has to have a button so I can spam it whenever I wanna see it, even better would be if it spams the spawntime each 15 seconds or something.

Would be very thankfull if someone could grant my wish.

To stimulate you guys to help me out on this small favour I'll add not 1, not 2 but 3 random chicks, if someone actually throws in a script that'll satisfy me I'll share some linkz with them chicks naked, rawr.

image: 80986968

image: 20626

image: 98360762

<3 to all ma beloved ones =]

PS, if someone knows the name of the slots where the doors are from I'll add links with some vids of the girls >:}

download that, in the ETmain folder is a folder called timer

just put that folder your own ETMAIN

then do exec timer/timer.cfg

done :D
looks like a trap to me, not clicking the link sorry.
its acozz's config :P
alright thanks a bunch =D damn that was fast btw :P
exactely what i needed, but do ya maybe know if there's an option for a button to click when you see them spawning so the st gets added? And also if its possible to make it auto spam in x secs?
the first question would be

bind x "timerset 20"
bind x "timerset 30"

2nd is impossible, UNLESS you make a bind which counts 30 seconds then says enemy spawned counts 30 seconds again and says it again and so on. But this will make you unable to move when you activate the bind :P
sexy doors
van Bronckhorst that you?
The door idea is fucking genius!
Jo nice goal
auto spam is not possible in ET. the wait command locks all the rest up so its useless
ah thats shame, and i guess to get an external device running isnt allowed ?
not sure, i think if its something that makes a sound for you its okay, but not if it sends crap trough your ET.
i mean like a small file that overlays et or smth and shows spawntimes
nope wont work, Teamspeak overlay doesnt work either
but mumble overlay works .. so has to be possible :D
does it work in ETpro? cause etpro has extra protection.

btw, i gave some infos u better post one chick already :d
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