R.I.P 6on6 [*]

damn this it the fucking rainy day out so im just chillin in home and speccing the really old games, and seriously bring the 6on6 back this game was way more dynamic in this mode, full of amazing actions, multikills. Now you cant even play with field op in attack at most of the maps, where are amazing strikes at supply, now even delete MG, and trickjumps?! fucking hell miss those times :<

http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=clan&mode=item&id=6441 q me for invite :(
wait another week.
no 5on5 stays

also remove soldiers, medics, engineers, fieldops and coverts.

They can destroy a defense so easily and therefore they are overpowered.
agree :(
6on6 was so cool, 5on5 sucks hard
if ppl want to play 5on5 go and buy some shit game like cod and cs
true words!
8on8 and bigger maps can be played
Baserace lover detected<3
RIP 6on6, gonna miss you :')

miss the days where i actually made some multikills

miss the days when nades actually mades some dmg

miss the days when rifle was useful and sand was able to killsome1
yoour post made me almost cry , amazing memories brother
i gave u leader, write something in our team textbox
6o6 spam only
5on5 can be fun, if you actually play it...
6on6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Yes need 6on6 back.
6on6 > 5on5 > 3on3
3on3 > 5on5 > 6on6
i thought you didn't care about this game?

but yea 6on6 was better
I think 80/100 prefer 6v6 ... we got owned by .....
you are completely right. This game has never been the same since the good old 6on6 days...
it was simply more fun to play.
fuck ET just start to play bfbc2!
It's make no sense, no one like it but still playing 5on5, I rly don't get it.
6on6 was the best for all map we are playing ..
6on6 was the best to use all weapons of the game (uh i dont like panza noob, then don't play ET..) we already stopped prone, mortar, 10 mines was also cool :x, we stopped too many things yep ET looks like another game now.

Let's play War on ETmain like in the past .. when u can tj to plant antitank gun =p or when u do the walljump in 2003 it's like u are a cheater ... 30mn per map woot.

Make this war's cfg :x

I forgot No pb.cfg, are you kidding me ??
Nobody stops you to play with 10 mines etc...
Are you serious ?!
What you wrote is complet bullshit, even if I like prone I disagree with bring it back and I cant be arsed to talk about the rest, mortar etc.. jesus, xp save back !
Lol i just wrote what ET was, sure if u prefer to change every thing to make the game izly it's your probs, but let me think what i want, begginer.
'prone, mortar' give him a beer, love u mate, write in in our textbox
I'm going :)
glad you made it on time
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