Laptop or Shuttle

So, now I have a laptop and a shuttle, I'd say my laptop probably outperforms the Shuttle but either way theres not much between them. However the trying question is, WHICH DO I USE?
At the moment I'm playing FM2007 on the Laptop and trolling on the shuttle, however is that really the way it should be? Should I just ditch the PC? The other problem is that I only have one mouse so I gotta use the touch pad on the laptop if I am using the shuttle and thats just no fun :(
Guide me!
Do you play badminton?
I would say use Shuttle just 'cuz I dont like much laptops and they are just so yak... Shuttle > laptop.
mouse = 5€?
Too much money?
Give me the laptop and use the shuttle :P
shuttle > laptop, assuming its not the shuttle from rotterdam..

but consult 3dmark or something!

i have spare mice -_-
Shuttle, I am not a keen admirer of laptops.
What is Shuttle ?
Laptop is only good if you don't have a desktop, but since you have one.... Ditch the laptop.
so not true :)
It is in my case...
Use the shuttle for games and the laptop for porn
can u play tetris on laptotp?
Never used laptops before (for gaming...) but i got a Sony VAIO and its amazing for gaming.. lol surprised me, but i've never used a shuttle so... not sure lol
spoiled bitch.

my pocket is too small for my huge stack of hundred dollar bills!
I have two shuttles, just using them for lan's :)
Laptops seem to be nice to spam the internet, but I prefer a good old pc/shuttle to play my games on
dont use the shuttle... when i lived in belgium (god forsaken place) my shuttle would overheat all the time during the summer. maybe yours is better than the one i had, mine sucked, atm im playing on a laptop (hax style)
I'm using my laptop which was meant for uni purposes only, but ahwell XD love it, laptop ftw! (with mouse =p)
If your laptop is good enough to run what you want to run, and you're ok with the (presumably) smaller screen size, I'd say go with that and sell the shuttle unless you have a genuine use for 2 machines which it sounds like you don't! :)
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