League of Legends!

Goooooood morning crossies!

Is there someone who plays League of Legends? I am wondering if it's worth downloading. I really enjoyed dota and hon (will probably buy account soon). But if LoL is great I wouldn't waste my money on computer games (not gonna play them actively anyway).

And do you know any MMO's worth trying? Like WoW, Silkroad, Archlord, World of Kung Fu or 4Story (last one is almost like WoW, but it wasn't that good)?

Greetings to everyone!
I'm gonna be a nerd for 3 more days.

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wait for the old republic, its gonna be LEGEND- WAIT FOR IT....

played LoL beta but i prefer HoN
LEGEN - wait for it... - DARY! LEGENDARY!

How you doin'?
fine so far just bored since i dont play et that often
started with dragon age again with all the add ons and dlc some days ago, thats gonna be my challenge for a while...
i guess u aint playing much et aswell :p ?
Started playing ET (due to more free time till Sunday) 3 or 4 days ago. I am not enjoying it as I did long time ago, but it's nice to play with your e-friends from time to time.
I had Dragon Age on my HDD (for Xbox ofc), but my HDD crashed and I am too lazy to download it again.

I hate most of the Star Wars games, movies were really good, but games ain't good enough!
well did u play knights or the old republic 1 & 2? both real amazing rpgs!
the old republic is a mmorpg that is going to come out next year (if there is no delay) is gonna be pretty much as amazing as them :P they are working on it since ages and everything looks promising :)
Never played any of them!:P
i think knights of the old republic 1&2 were two of the best games ever to come on pc
baldur's gate is .no 1!
LEGEN-wait for it-DARY

you did it wrong
u just didnt wait enough :(
im impatiant, sorry :<
It's great game, but there is always little harmful bugs, i tried to play again but they had deleted my account. I had like 700 played games, all the runes and almost all the champions.

Are u playing on EU or USA version?
Gonna start if you talk about LoL
If u gonna start, choose USA version, EU version is just full of retards
Command acknowledged!
Hon is worth buying over league of legends

Wow is the best RPG you'll find, but it still blows and it will suck your soul out
Played both HoN and LoL. Personally I prefer LoL (the fact it's free kinda helps).
de senn speelt lol :) wat is uwe naam dan voeg ik u is toe.

Btw lol is good game weekly updates and new champions
let op de verleden tijd van played.

Ik speel het héél af en toe nog eens, maar ben er echt pokkeslecht in.
Kzal u vanavond ofzo mijn username eens pm'en
Buy Starcraft 2
i LoL'd hard
Download Aion 8gb and play at private server called http://infiniteaion.com/. It's almost free of bugs and im enjoying playing there :D.
world of warcraft

Legeau of legends

I play league of legends account name M1Q1 lvl 16 I think started 2 weeks ago it's much fun :D
lol is ok but its definitly for casual with a lot of free time :p you have like 7-8 heros out of 40 in the beginning (each week you can use different ones) and the rest you can buy from point you earn by playing. Then you have runes etc. you have to buy the same way and skins you can only get by micropayments. Surely an interesting game if you played dota or hon. Lots of kids/whiners/haters/leavers. Bit different movement feeling and overall farming/ganging. Less teamplay based actions and pretty much whoever picks the better carry that is not dying every 2 minutes wins. There is no such thing as support heros and wards... well ive seen them once playing with 3 friends just cause we wanted to see if it works.

As for MMO it depends on what you're looking for. Try Atlantica Online - imo best not-standart mmo there is. Fights are a bit similar to Disciples series (if you know it) but can be fought with more players/mobs at the same time. The world is really huge and the people there are the nicest you can find in any online game. Basicly they get stuff for helping so the whole community is polite etc.
Disciples is something like HoMM?
mmo = aion , shaiya , rappelz epic , perfect world , sword of the new world ,runes of magic , cabal online . Try one of these :)
lol account - fenash , add me if U want :D
Cabal and RoM = shit.
Rappelz is okay, but I didn't enjoy it.
Gonna try aion soon.
WoW is best anyway ;)
i paly it
name: qLezZ
I never played LoL only HoN, but some friends told me its good
well i'm active LoL player; and tournements are gr8, lvl 30 summ +-250 wins atm :O
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