Mouse rate

I've got an MX518 and I want to change my mouse rate. Currently it's 125Hz and I've tried to change it to 500Hz using 'USB Mouse Rate Adjuster'.

After trying it 3 times on different USB ports (because after I did it, the mouse stopped working) it still doesn't change a thing.

Is it a problem that I have my Logitech drivers installed or doesn't that matter?

Anyone knows how I can change the rate to 500Hz?

PS: I have only 1 working USB port left and I don't want to fuck it up! :=o

Thanks in advance!
do the same on the last port, trust me.


erm, just read that you have installed logitech drivers so why didn't you use them to change the usb rate?

afaik the way to reactivate the usb ports was deleting them in the device manager and do a reboot
I can only find DPI change thingy @ SetPoint, nothing for the rate..

Edit: I've used the instructions on that site before, but after I click restart in the mouse rate changing program, my mouse won't move again and I have to put it in another port.
throw them away and use my link :)
I have to click Restart in that rate change program right?
After I did that, my mouse doesn't respond anymore and the program doesnt show my mouse anymore =(
maybe hz can't change for mx518 have the same mouse .
did you start windows in test mode?
cuz you have to :PP
just plug in en play
USB Mouserate Switcher and i use setpoint
dont forget to reeboot pc after switching :)
Hey Nxm lang niet gezien alles goed toen ik nog mx518 gebruikte deed ik dat altijd met usbrate van raziel het beste kan je dat in veilige modus doen greetz
Hoi! ja zeker is alles goed, met jou ook? dat programmatje is alleen voor XP, ik heb Vista x64 :)
omg NxM <3
hi :) Remember me? :P
ofc! =) still alive i see !
oke dan mooi zo dat alles goed is. met mij is alles ook goed :).oke je hebt windows vista
dan weet ik het zo niet maar ik denk dat het een beetje het zelfde is als je een usbrate changer gebruikt probeer het dan in veilige modus te doen.
wow, where have u been for 3 years
Doing smth else than playing ET :P

I saw u playing @ LAN final! Did not expect that 3 years ago tbh :)
i probably played that lan final like i played 3 years ago lol.
But pretty nice that ur playing @ Impact and at a LAN final :D
say hi to nonix in vent!
I've got it working now, thanks for the help! ;)
250 hz for mx518 is the max :)


nice job !
I've got 522 Hz now :)
with mx518 ? :d

what is your cpu ?
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ / 2.4 GHz - Socket AM2 - L2 1 MB ( 2 x 512 KB )
hum you think with pentium 4 3.33Ghz & 512 Mo 500 hz is too high ?
I haven't got a clue, you can better ask somebody who knows about these things :)
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