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My favorites are, of course, from Poland Patologia

<Patologia> If you want play for cheat you must think no magic schot no wall schot
<Patologia> PLZ mean no ban me! ban you! you destroying Me! you dont have ral live?! plz stfu! I want only plaY!
<Patologia> If you want play for cheat you must think no magic schot no wall schot

Quotetactics to be is a rifler is to carrying the team in his own shoulders
Quoteyesteday i bet maus becouse he dont think

Quotemztic doesn't mystic dude
yesteday i bet maus becouse he dont think
in game u don feel any differents
mztic doesn't mystic dude ;)
mztic doesn't mystic dude :DDd
yesterday i bet mAus , because koNe dont think
gl Netherlands frac
and also, just quote everything Ukraine FORWARD says, hes one massive quote machine
<JonTG> Man, my penis is so big if I laid it out on a keyboard it'd go all the way from A to Z
<JonTG> wait, shit
Must be that he didn't specify whether it should be quotes from ppl in this community, cuz otherwise I'd say "eeehm, everyone can read Bash imo"
stop beeing so negative on everything
I'm not, it's just that I think the point of this journal wasn't to quote something from the bash.org top quotes.

en je kan geen geheimen houden < insert random angry smiley )

image: klejf%20butchji

image: klejf%20absolwent

image: klejf%20pucha%20teamkill

image: klejf%20spawnkill%20fm%20idle

no offense klejf ^^
masz proces za wykorzystanie mojej wlasnosci!
sIN`meNtal: nach summer kommt spring.
eng: the season after summer is spring
after summer comes spring
actually the meaning is the same.
Wasn't there a lot lot more to the spree stuff - police 'n things?
of course there was : )

image: spree%20confess

image: spree%20cries

image: spree%20display

image: spree%20et%20qw%20contest

image: spree%20is%20proud
somehow I knew this would be posted here :DDD
is toch wel weer grappig om te lezen:p

no hard feelings ;)

wel lichte schaamte als ik dit zo allemaal zit terug te lezen, tering zeg :/
where is the arni hitler picture when you need it. still the most hilarious thing that was ever posted on crossfire
KRP and F5 brought us delivery? how dare u
and 5on5... :P
You really shouldnt be in ET committe when u do shit changes like this :!
Quote[23:43:08] *priv* predi: If I would be gay, my dick would be settled as the first of your shit (engrish ftw)
"Bitches ain't nuthin' but tricks and hoes" - Mahatma Gandhi
Quotegive me a second chanche pls.
no 1 gonna have problems whit me.
i only did 1 thing wrong on server . and that was that ban from stormbringer. thats just my only fauld i maded.
oh the irony
Quote by news by WakiKrosan, you ugly cunt. Harris you no life cunt. Hype, you paki cunt. Jinosta, you cheating cunt. Everyone else fuck you :)

Quote[16:31] <Wakizashiuk> krosan
[17:10] <krosan> sup
[17:10] <Wakizashiuk> you got god function on crossfire?
[17:10] <krosan> ye
[17:10] <Wakizashiuk> nice
[17:11] <Wakizashiuk> Can you delete all my journals and forum posts please
[17:11] <Wakizashiuk> unblind has done my comments
[17:11] <krosan> why
[17:11] <Wakizashiuk> I'm done with crossfire
[17:11] <Wakizashiuk> but want to keep my profile
[17:11] <Wakizashiuk> too many kids on the site now
[17:11] <krosan> :D
[17:12] <Wakizashiuk> and deleting my journals forum posts takes ages
[17:12] <krosan> look waki
[17:12] <krosan> man up and dont be such a pussy
[17:12] <krosan> "too many kids"
[17:12] <krosan> please
[17:13] <krosan> there've always been too many kids
[17:13] <krosan> just fucking ignore them
[17:13] <Wakizashiuk> You know i can't :)
[17:13] <Wakizashiuk> i just end up making myself look as bad as them
[17:13] <krosan> i learned to ignore them
[17:13] <krosan> u just need a bigger ego
[17:13] <Wakizashiuk> don't think thats possible
[17:13] <Wakizashiuk> i'll still visit the site
[17:13] <Wakizashiuk> and post the occasional comment
[17:14] <Wakizashiuk> but please delete all my stuff
[17:14] <Wakizashiuk> but please delete all my stuffapart from my profile
[17:14] <krosan> why?
[17:14] <Wakizashiuk> I would like to get rid of it
[17:14] <krosan> why?
[17:14] <Wakizashiuk> Because i don't want it?
[17:15] <krosan> why not?
[17:15] <Wakizashiuk> because i just look like every other nerd on this website
[17:15] <Wakizashiuk> and it's not me
[17:15] <krosan> :D
[17:16] <krosan> ive got journals & forumtopics
[17:16] <krosan> am i a nerd like the kids now?
[17:16] <Wakizashiuk> You tell me
[17:16] <Wakizashiuk> No offence
[17:16] <Wakizashiuk> but after seeing the aef videos
[17:16] <Wakizashiuk> i was embarrassed for people
[17:17] <Wakizashiuk> at how pathetic they are
[17:17] <krosan> why r they pathetic?
[17:18] <Wakizashiuk> Because it is clear to me they cannot handle a social environment. I feel sad for them which is why they act stupid online
[17:18] <krosan> :D
[17:18] <krosan> how should they be acting then?
[17:19] <Wakizashiuk> normal
[17:19] <krosan> can u give me an example of a vid where someone doesn't act normal?
[17:19] <Wakizashiuk> Every video i have seen of AEF should be a good enough example
[17:20] <Wakizashiuk> granted most of them are of hype and his krownies
[17:22] <krosan> you're funny
[17:23] <Wakizashiuk> i have my moments
[17:24] <krosan> so what, you're member of crossfire for almost 5 years, and you're saying the people who do get out of their room to go to lans etc can't handle a social environment?
[17:25] <Wakizashiuk> i don't want to be mean but i just can't stand most of the people on crossfire
[17:25] <Wakizashiuk> their pathetic
[17:25] <Wakizashiuk> so if you don't mind
[17:26] <Wakizashiuk> please delete all of my stuff
[17:26] <Wakizashiuk> bar my profile
[17:26] <krosan> why would u even browse crossfire if you think they're all pathetic nerds anywaty?
[17:26] <Wakizashiuk> habit
[17:27] <Wakizashiuk> i will still browse it
[17:27] <Wakizashiuk> i just won't be as stupid with my comments journals
[17:27] <krosan> are you saying you're addicted to crossfire?
[17:27] <Wakizashiuk> i want a fresh start
[17:27] <krosan> isn't that a bit pathetic?
[17:27] <Wakizashiuk> i log onto crossfire whenever i log onto facebook
[17:27] <Wakizashiuk> thats how it goes
[17:27] <Wakizashiuk> i just want to leave my kiddy image behind
[17:28] <Wakizashiuk> and get rid of all my old hit
[17:28] <Wakizashiuk> shit
[17:28] <krosan> :D
[17:28] <krosan> please
[17:28] <krosan> if you attach so much value to that shit then you've got a problem
[17:29] <Wakizashiuk> look
[17:29] <Wakizashiuk> oh whatever
[17:29] <Wakizashiuk> fuck you
[17:29] <krosan> :)
[17:29] <krosan> insulting someone on the internet
[17:29] <krosan> how pathetic
[17:29] <Wakizashiuk> arranging a lan because you have no friends in real life is the pathetic one
[17:30] <krosan> oh right
[17:30] <krosan> coming to beg me to remove your shit
[17:30] <krosan> very not-pathetic indeed
[17:30] <Wakizashiuk> I don't beg anyone from this site
[17:30] <Wakizashiuk> i'm asking you to do it
[17:30] <Wakizashiuk> It's a simple yes or no
[17:31] <krosan> I'm sorry but if you think everyone is pathetic then better go elsewhere
[17:31] <Wakizashiuk> i don't want to waste time talking to you
[17:31] <krosan> mister cool guy
[17:31] <Wakizashiuk> You are all pathetic
[17:31] <Wakizashiuk> end of story
[17:31] <krosan> good luck in real life, being so not-pathetic and so forth
[17:31] <Wakizashiuk> Save your luck for someone who needs it
[17:31] <krosan> :D nice reply
[17:32] <krosan> why don't you go ask someone else on the internet to remove stuff you posted that you care so deeply about
[17:32] <krosan> :D
[17:32] <Wakizashiuk> Have already tried
[17:32] <Wakizashiuk> unblinds done my comments
[17:32] <Wakizashiuk> but had to go out
[17:32] <krosan> oh ye
[17:32] <krosan> let me ask you one thing
[17:32] <krosan> why do you care so much about those journals & forum topics?
[17:32] <krosan> aren't they just the internet?
[17:33] <Wakizashiuk> Yup, but for some reason they annoy me
[17:33] <krosan> it's some shit nobody cares about on the internet
[17:33] <krosan> but you
[17:33] <krosan> but still you want it to be removed
[17:33] <krosan> now that's what i call pathetic
[17:33] <krosan> but hey, keep on browsing some game-website for another 5 years
[17:33] <Wakizashiuk> Stopped getting so excited yet?
[17:33] <krosan> what?
[17:34] <Wakizashiuk> So your saying it's sad ive been looking on this same website for 5 years correcT?
[17:34] <krosan> it's sad you're insulting me for being pathetic while i make myself useful with organising lans and shit
[17:34] <krosan> while you're just a troll on the same website i control
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> Correction i didn't insult you
[17:35] <krosan> oh sure you did
[17:35] <krosan> [17:31] <Wakizashiuk> You are all pathetic
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> scroll up
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> you tried to get clever
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> and i told you the truth
[17:35] <krosan> "clever"?
[17:35] <krosan> im clever
[17:35] <krosan> end of story
[17:35] <krosan> remember? ;)
[17:35] <krosan> [17:29] <Wakizashiuk> arranging a lan because you have no friends in real life is the pathetic one
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> then you would spell i'm right surely?
[17:35] <krosan> no not insultive at all
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> like i said
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> scroll up
[17:35] <Wakizashiuk> you insulted me before i said anything to you :)
[17:36] <krosan> that's what i did smartass
[17:36] <krosan> [16:31] <Wakizashiuk> krosan [17:10] <krosan> sup
[17:36] <Wakizashiuk> Why are you trying to flame? you're the one telling me to ignore people
[17:36] <krosan> i recall you starting to talk to me?
[17:36] <krosan> im not flaming mate
[17:36] <Wakizashiuk> so you are a hypocrite because you can't ignore me asking a favour?
[17:36] <krosan> you're flaming me
[17:36] <krosan> again
[17:36] <krosan> hypocrite
[17:36] <krosan> what's next?
[17:36] <Wakizashiuk> This is what i'm talking about
[17:37] <Wakizashiuk> nerds like you on the internet with a superiority complex
[17:37] <krosan> it's beyond being hilarious that you - of all people - insult the crossfire crowd of being pathetic
[17:37] <Wakizashiuk> do what you want i'll just get unblind to do it
[17:37] <Wakizashiuk> later
[17:37] <krosan> ye get someone to do it for you
[17:37] <krosan> while you're too lazy to do it yourself
[17:37] <krosan> pathetic?
[17:38] <Wakizashiuk> you can delete in bulk
[17:38] <Wakizashiuk> i can't
[17:38] <Wakizashiuk> use your head krosan
[17:38] <Wakizashiuk> since your so proud of it
[17:38] <krosan> i can't
[17:38] <krosan> because it's not a function in crossfire
[17:38] <krosan> but ofc, you know better don't yaN
[17:38] <krosan> mister cool
[17:39] <Wakizashiuk> Ofc, you're just a new school fag Krosan
[17:39] <Wakizashiuk> no offence
[17:39] <krosan> another insult
[17:39] <krosan> wow
[17:39] <krosan> you just can't restrain yourself now can you
[17:39] <krosan> raging against someone you don't even know on the internet
[17:39] <krosan> quite pathetic it seems
[17:40] <Wakizashiuk> I don't want or need to know you
[17:40] <krosan> why don't you bring up another "you're all pathetic, end of story" argument?
[17:41] <Wakizashiuk> http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=journal&mode=item&id=108401
[17:41] <Wakizashiuk> here you go
[17:41] <Wakizashiuk> i fit in with the rest of the nerds now

Quote18:27 miNd • what the fuck is this+>
18:27 miNd • u fucking twat
18:27 miNd • do u think u have some fucking rights to abuse ur fucking admin rights
18:27 miNd • ????
18:28 krosan • hey
18:28 miNd • answer me u fucking fag
18:28 krosan • stop insulting me
18:28 miNd • u shut the fuck up
18:28 miNd • and answer me
18:28 krosan • fuck off
18:33 miNd • ur fucking joke
18:33 miNd • hahaha
18:33 miNd • hilarious faggtot
18:33 miNd • go suck some more cock
18:38 miNd • going to lan?
18:38 miNd • ill show u off some admin skills
18:38 miNd • if so, cu there u faggot
18:38 miNd • ill talk to u irl
18:38 krosan • you earned yourself a spot on my ignore list
18:40 miNd • ill see and knock ur fucking head of u peace of shit
18:40 miNd • lets see if u ignore me then
Quote[17:29] <krosan> insulting someone on the internet
[17:29] <krosan> how pathetic

a fintard replying to me with some random bullshit

You proved my point
why u post logs of waki owning u?
Private logs, ban.
He posted them himself ^^
[11:22] ima bob: basically all we did in holland :DDD
[11:22] ima bob: bob was all mad cuz he skipped joints every now n then
[11:23] ima bob: and he didnt understand what smoking did to u
[11:23] ima bob: so he was like
[11:23] ima bob: FFS U GUYS ARE BORING AS FUCK!?!?
[11:23] ima bob: ALL U DO IS SIT ON A COUCH N EAT
[11:23] ima bob: N U LAF AT STUPID SHIT
[11:23] ima bob: WTF?!?!
[11:23] ima bob: :DDDDD
[11:23] ima bob: all bob did when he got stoned was sleep
[11:23] ima bob: so he slept like 18 housr a day
[11:23] Jonasty: XDDDDDD
[11:23] ima bob: he was awake like 4 hours in the morning straight after that it wa slike 30 mins to smoke and 15 mins to eat
[11:23] ima bob: then sleep again
[11:23] ima bob: :DD
[11:24] ima bob: and in catalonia we had our own crib so it was jsut party every day
[11:24] ima bob: was epic
[11:24] ima bob: krosan got soooooooo wasted first day
[11:24] ima bob: hahaha
[11:24] ima bob: we had to carry him
[11:24] ima bob: for 5 hours or something
[11:24] ima bob: to get to bobs place
[11:24] ima bob: and his bags
[11:24] ima bob: he cudnt even walk
[11:24] ima bob: ahhaha

yeye i know ^^
<krosan> we got owned and I had to ego quit
<mahla> in my skool we had liek 2 klazzszses
Quotetactics to be is rifler carrying team in his own shoulders
QuoteCrossfire 3.0 - A Gaming Community
all lost in my format
[18:10] rat1oN: i usually cum then i hold the foreskin so it doesnt go out then i pee and make a bomb u no?
[18:10] rat1oN: looks awesome lol
[18:11] rat1oN: like its chemos in it
[18:11] rat1oN: cuz the cum n shit
<saiko-Ironic> Joey
<saiko-Ironic> weet je wat de moeder van Lars zei
<saiko-Ironic> xD
<saiko-Ironic> Anne zei dat ze Bob wel knap vondt
<saiko-Ironic> zei die moeder
<saiko-Ironic> Nou, volgende keer als ze hier zijn
<saiko-Ironic> Anne met Bob en ik met Tom
<saiko-Ironic> op zekers ik ga die moeder ballen
<saiko-Ironic> x-D
waki did

you should be banned for 3 years for that insultive behavior :)
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