my nerd room !

After having them all in a drawer I decided to put them in the wall and I just want to share it (attentionwhore) because I like a lot how it looks!

My next idea is having some T-shirts on the wall of my teams (wA!, buttonbashers, rockit, some cod4 teams)

image: blt1c2ma3ri9hpep8

ps: is just the room I play in and stuff, I don't sleep there
dont care , fuck off
CiC7 2:Rocket :XD
check the AEF check, someone fucked up again... but they found a nice solution : DD
nice memories +1
lets meet up in barcelona i arrive on monday
1999 just called & they want their TV back
hahaha, my bro plays @ xbox there : D, so shiit, I use the xbox for listening music mostly
so much money and such a shitty tv :D

ps: have same color in my room
actually have 2 tv's @ same room xD
ur cup rules
Nice room : oo lol
nice nerd
Nice ego :D

but nice award-room tho :)
awesome TV
nice tv 1111!!!!! ^^
Get them framed!

Get the shirts framed too, would look fantastic!
"hey babe, wanna see how many gaming awards I have?"

No seriously though, that's pretty pro stuff ;o
what are those trophys about?
If you put a pic of me there, i agree!
your fragmovie should be on the tv! just kidding >)
try this :P

image: japanese_teenagers_24
image: japanese_teenagers_25
haha thats fuckin brilliant :DD
WTF!? Nice one!
Wow bro, imagine how many girls you can get with all those posters. All you really have to do is walk them into the room, point at the wall, and their panties will DROP.
"ps: is just the room I play in and stuff, I don't sleep there "

how did you carry them without folding? :PP
What a nerd! :P
Nice nerd rooom there man :PPPP
looks nice :)
Nice TV!

how much did u get for ur own from each of those prizes?
Everyone fails at typing Rockit :D
ahah prolly he putted all the money on hese bank accaunt to XD
haha, my cheque is worth the most! :od
me has only 3 liga4fun medals :(
Why did they let you take the cheques?!
who wrote buttonbashers on the cc6 check?? it looks unbelievable weird.
nice taking all the checks!
too many twos
Would like to see Night's Room now, tbh. Too much 2nd Places here.
Always the bridesmaid =(
we had better tv durin the communism in pol :D but i understand
spain - 20% of unemployment (:
I'm disappointed.
cool room bro
Very inspiring
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