ahah :DDD
old but gold
ça c'est passe comme ça chez McDonald's :D
older than old
Happened to me once.
We ordered like 4 big macs with fries and stuff. Since there was a big line they asked us to wait at the "yellow line"...after like 15 minutes of waiting the waitress brings 1 cheeseburger and says "Here is your order, sorry for waiting,have a nice day!"

We where like wtf is this a joke :D Then we remembered that a car in front took a big package and driven away a few minutes ago...and we where given there order...
As a sign of excuse McDonalds added some dessert for free.
hope u still got ur proper order, cheeseburger even with dessert would be ripoff :D
yea we did, just had to wait for another 10 minutes :D local mcdonalds are so poorly organised :(
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