Miss Universe - Poland

5 years ago my mom give me a ring and i loved it and i put it all the time
and boy who with me go to the mcdonalds put/pull yyy coca cola
English is easy,english is cool,you're teaching me,I'm teaching you.
lolololol, thought that girl like miss has fluent and decent english, oh my God 8D
we no speak americano
She's cute.

I wondered what the German miss is like. Her English is surprisingly good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHnsn5xD-14
Haha, her best gift description is a fuckin facebook thing to like :DD

"you can call up friends at 3 in the morning and they're there for you."

sounds remarkably like: http://www.blaguedunjour.info/expression-en-8113.html
She's so fkin hot rofl xD
lolled @ sheep :DDD
ja pierdole
Annoying bitch.
Nope. Just polish.
90 % of the models are dumb like fuck
care about her english! she made me smile! :-)
rofl her english is pretty shite
she's gonna win :)

awesome smile and awesome accent :D

japanes, mentioning just because of that xd

some of them look like transvestites :p

EDIT: 2nd one knows R2D2 so she might win aswell :D dunno if its only me but she sounds australian ;p
Only the first one really understood what means 'engine starts' :D...
one of the reasons why she will win :)
Too bad R2D2 doesn't talk or moves 'his' arms ;P
But who cares, right :D
dude you're a bit late on journals :D
Oh shit :D Clicked this link in some other journal and didn't bother to look at the date hehe
lol'd @ "0.52 this is why poland cannot into space"
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