Can it be haiku tiem nao?

Let's go hardcore and do some crossfire haiku, lads:

Unhittable fag
Raged me twice with a luger
On supply west wall

BiO goes empty
At first light of the new day
Soon: "bakc from da club"

Crap journals again
Gotta write a column now
But who gives a fuck?
pretty bad if you ask me
Yes, deja vu, but

My Profile
Write in your Journal
My Inbox
The old pond
A frog jumps in
I'm 3
and what
is this shit?
These crossfire guys
Have not yet been told about
How those haikus work

People disregard
Japan-styled poetry
I ask: what TheDuck?
This shit again? *sigh*
You think you are cool?
I guess you are just a noob.
You think you are in the heaven?
Sorry, but you aren't a Winghaven.
Sorry I dont watch animes :'|
Neither do I.
:D Yes, everything Japanese comes from anime.
Yes, this is a kind of trolling. When I dont know something I just refer to something that can piss off somebody. Not much just a little bit.

I googled and found on wiki what is haiku, and I am not sure TheDuck's journal has any yet.
This ain't meant to be serious fucking haiku business in here, just play along jeez >.>
Ah ok, then you like my lines?
Not bad young padawan, keep that up.

just no..
that is not haiku, im professor in haiku, danke schön
was thinking the same
Haiku actually usually have seasonal / natural content.


SLAC is beautiful.
I like losing all my cash.
Let's make some drama!
once went on a spree
of posting only haiku
in crossfire posts

but it got boring
so instead i just posted
trolled hard instead
that sounds interesting
let's revive this kind of trend
who agrees on that?
In the second one
You wrote "instead" once too much
I guess it for rythm
I wonder what's with
All those dicksucking fanboys

Reading this journal
And listening to VS
Makes me moist down there
furuike ya
kawazu tobikomu
mizu no oto
The beast
You will be

The D stands
For Diplo


Joined by force
The evil will march
Life is just a reign
Of solitary sane

Iron me up, Iron me down
Burning fields of underground
Illusions of faith, I am astounded
The blind religious will get you drowned


Bruise yourself
Abuse yourself
Or I will show
My private shelf

A bookrack
Filled with utter pain
A past in the mind
Of a complete insane

Blood, intestines on the wall
Define another human fall
Nerve systems to the test
They fail again, now in their chest

Now you’re gone
Still you’re here
Feel your thorn
My thriving steer

The cuts of my axe
The points of my claw
Slowly fading away
Into a one-man brawl

Recycle your parts
Use them for my arts
Sensual interpretations
For my deep dead heart

People call me mental
They think I’m insane
Those are the next
For my intimate sustain

I’ll grab you unsuspected
I’ll take you to my place
My backyard is a graveyard
You’ll end there without grace


Fuckin' Crossfire
Lick ma hairy ballz
Twentyfive hours a day on the internets
You nolife batty's and gallz

You stare at your screen
U'r fuckin' obscene
You shit your pants
And ya nasty smell is green

No shower fo' you
Coz yo' is ingame
Pimpin your e-penis
You're a fuckin' shame!

You smell like sex
But it's coz of yo' hand
U'z a nasty nerd
I'll make ya shit yo pants!


Yo glasses on ya face
Yo asses in one place
Yo fail at this life
Yo hand is ya wife

Ur a fuckin bum
Ur hand full of cum
Ur just lowlife scum
Ur ass gets whiped by your mum


U'z a shitty attentionhoe
Beggin fo' flame
You fucking fail
And ur a shithead shame

Feelin like the thug u aint
Ur not ghetto
If you dont shut yo face
I'll mess u up with ma stiletto

You aint worth it
Living this life
A waste of money
You'z blood on ma knife

Now get the fuck out
Go find a bitch
Coz I tell you motherfucker
You aint worth this shit


Yo glasses on ya face
Yo asses in one place
Yo fail at this life
Yo hand is ya wife

Ur a fuckin bum
Ur hand full of cum
Ur just lowlife scum
Ur ass gets whiped by your mum


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