any advice?

hi crossies,

going to get a new mousemat and im still not sure what to buy..
i have the razer diamondback mouse and the razer goliathus mousemat (which is fuckedup :S)
do you have any advice for me, what mousemat are you using?

greetz from ohio :)
simple version is like 10$ cheaper ? :D
both are the same price here
Fkin nerds
why the hate?
I currently have the Razer Goliathus Alpha Speed, when I replace it I may look at getting the PureTrak Talent that appears to be an incredibly popular pad.
Rofl I'm an idiot fooled by the flag :D was like $14 iirc for the Razer

Seems to cost more now
actually im from germany :D

hm 24,99 might be a bit expensive, got my Razer Goliathus in Media Market for 11 or 12 euros, but its the small one (cuz of tiny table ;D)
Rofl double fail I guess, but yah its a little expensive but its worked phenomenally for me so far
rofl pyle rofl
I got an 'Everglide Titan' used by NetherlandsPmBb but i never use it
any puretrak pad. they sponsor my team!
steelseries qck

e: which I just bought, 'been using ulti-mat breathe for 4-6 years
I've got this for my Razer Diamondback, and im happy :D The Diamondback well is sliding on the surface of this pad.

image: qpad-ct

It cost something about 35 Euro.
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