you will never know muahahaha

you never know muahahaha
i bet this is the 50th 5v5 vs 6v6 topic.
and i really care... there is need to make something about before Enemy territory scene dies at last, forever
i wasnt trying to be rude i just dont see how this would help. the death of ET is inevitable tbh :/
yes if next guys wil start thinking this way, congratulations
6on6 is the best!
agree, 6on6 is way more interesting.
5on5 > 6on6 and Quake isn't camping
true, quake isnt camping but 5on5 is boring.
no, i rly enjoyed it E:
even though you'd think 1 less player per team is not a big difference, it still takes a lot more action away from 5on5 games. game becomes more dull and more like 3on3. Don't really like it.
6on6 ofc nubs!
for sure hombre !
6on6 or die.
6on6 > 5 simultaneous smg duels
In Australia we played 7v7 for one or two seasons. Going to 6v6 lost HEAPS of variation in strats. Having the seventh player meant that defenses could be very unique.

We're ok with 6v6 now, but going to 5v5 would loose too much variety and too much team play.

6v6+ ftw
6on6 ofc
6on6 is more interesting, if you want smg duels, pls play 3on3s
5on5 > all
6on6 ftw
I realy like 5on5 now. Only problem with 5on5 is that I played 6on6 over 2 years and I always have filling that someone is alive and camping.Than there is problem in defence.Modified 6on6 defence doesn't work properly in 5on5.5on5 is faster, more aim based and more skilled.
start caring
CB go for the 6on6 imo thx.
There are no real duels in ET
5on5 ftw
lol another 5v5 journal
i agree 5v5 is totaly like quake
6on6 or ban
omg! 5v5 is like Red Alert!!!

cmon ppl... stop comparing et to cs, quake and shit like that, the gameplays and environments doesn't even come close...
nvm, clanbase wont change back to 6on6 as lab said, and tbh i rly #care. What I care is if ESL and WL changes to 5on5 in next season or not... :/
6on6 ftw tbh
Swiper you old drunk. Let it go. You have to get over it.
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