Water pump for a rover 200

Basically the water pump has gone in my beloved car *sniff* and i'm stuck at home with my parents rather than going to london. I have to get a coach at 7am and travel 2.5 hours to get to work but even then im going to be a bit screwed as i have no security pass :(

why do cars always break at the most gay time :(

also i just ordered an XAI mouse and I won't be in when its delivered so i'll have to pick it up at another time :(
security pass woot?

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e : drive Mini
Get a train to mine and live here for 3 months!
is that offer open to me too?
might be cheeky and ask a lift to get the parcel with my mouse one night, i'll pay petrol etc...
:D Have to see bud, im off friday i think!
get a better car and it wont fail :D
changed the waterpump in a bmw 728i from 98 (m52b28 engine, 148k km mileage) few weeks ago
paid 75€ for the waterpump in the local bmw shop
stupid situation for him after BMW sold Rover again and there is no support anymore

also bad is that many bmw branches are like this "lol gtfo with your old car from 98" :(((
not just BMW :D seems you're living in the wrong area ;D
its not so much the money, its more the fact i need it done tonight and its a national holiday in england aswell
Ask a friend @ scrapyard or something if you know any, fit it tonight then. Not a huge job :P
random googling result:

i have a 1999 rover 200 and just recently had the water pump changed, to get at the water pump you will have to lift the engine slightly and remove the timing belt which is quite awkward and not as straight forward as i had hoped, i didnt do it myself but watched as the mechanic did so unless you know what you are doing get a mechanic to do it!

So, I hope you got the proper tools to work with, wont happen with scissors and duct tape.

btw. get rid of a car which is timed with a belt.
I got Rover 420 and while it's quite nice it's kinda hard to find parts for it.
also it doesnt suit my needs so I'm going to sell it.
so what are your needs exactly?
Well I'm not gonna fix it up but it seems the turbo is gonna break down soon, ATF is leaking from some hard-to-see spot and it has some plate injury. I might take it to estonia to get it fixed up a bit but I'm going to sell it nevertheless.

Not sure if they post to you northmen though :P!
cant even find 420 Di from there.
rover shit car and 200 bleh ugly get some vauxhall or smt..
Vauxhall... image: trollface
xD at least better than fucking rover shit..
Not quite l0l depends on the model and what you do to it though I guess! Every car manufacturer has/had bad models. Can do some nice tuning with a number of rover turboz-based models though! :PP
tuning rover = sadness for me

better spent some $ to get some mazda (not rx7 or what lol!) some old ine like 323.. nice car also nice to tune.
People have got over 700bhp from tuning rover/mg, and you get loads of people dropping the T16 or some other tubby engine into their bubbles and shit as it's a great starting point @ 200bhp :>

lol wut, rx7 is one of the only decent cars mazda ever made... :_D
323/f was horrible, had one but scrapped it :D
Wasn't quite a fan of it :{ Friend has one but my car is a lot better IMO! :PPPP The rx7 sounds and looks perfect for me <3
so you have rx7? :d
No .-. I've got a 200sx, just I'm a fan of the rx7 and know some guys in the drift scene here that has em :PPP
LOL 323 :DDDDDD those shud be burned
GG ethr!

Hope you aren't screwed whole week or smth.
Enjoy your mouse josh, you will love it!(just make sure you have a good surface aswell ofcourse.

About the car(e), that sucks :P cant u borrow ur parents car if they live closer to work?
yeh i got a new mouse pad too so its all good

and no they live kinda far away from work
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