music! (opinion needed)

so i just found this amazing album on my harddrive (think nine inch nails meets daft punk meets chiptunes, THAT GOOD) but i'm pretty sure it very briefly samples the v54 Hello sound from ET

Listen closely at 0:23... am I just hearing shit or is that actually taken from ET? The artist is apparently some Polish dude so I wouldn't put it past him. Rest of the song is sick anyway so feel free to listen on past it. Also, can upload the album if anyone wants.



fucking a' any of you guys played Switchball? just found it when looking through some backups... gotta be one of the most chilled/fun little puzzle games <o/

image: oe0e9
I don't hear it tbh, so not sure but this is pretty dam sweet >_> Whats artist/album specifically and does he have any others?

she - coloris (2008)
can upload if needed
I can probably get it myself, thanks, also found theres like 5 more albums so, thats good :D
nice tune. Tho I don't hear the ET sounds ;P
heard the hello, it's hard to tell but sounds like you're right.
plus like you said he's polish. makes perfect sense
upload that album ;)
Can't find the v54 you're looking for though.
was about to but found it on mu already! (thats where i was going to upload anyway)
Thanks a million.
You've got a nice taste ;)
i would like it more with some bigger bass
sounds pretty okay but no ET sounds involved imo :)
Listening to it a few times it gets more and more like the allies hello.. ! !
didnt hear that v54, but really nice song!
yup, i heard it =D
i hear ,, Hello .. but if its from et :P dunno
sounds interesting, not really my style of music, but its really cool.

EDIT: hmmm i can hear it too after listening to it several times with my studio headphones (which every nerd here thought its a gaming headset :DDD)

but i think thats just an "accident", being different frequencies over each other causing that sound.
or it is really sampled, who knows :D

how come you heard it? do you listen to music that closely? if so: -> <3
well i have pretty high quality headphones which are known for having good mid-high's but lacking in bass =o)

what are your studio headphones out of curiosity?
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro.

they have a little bass boost if you take a closer look at the frequency response (which is good for me because i always mix with too much bass anyway :))
but i find they`re not made for pleasurable music consumption.

ahh Clown has a pair of the DT 990 pros, tried them out at CIC7 a little bit. nice cans! i have audio technica ad700s and they are by far the comfiest headphones i have ever worn, which i think makes them quite appealing for gaming & watching movies.

classical music and such is awesome too, although there are indeed better headphones for those who like a lot of bass. the bass on these is definitely tight which i like but yeah there isn't much of it, preference i guess.
ahh i supposed you have Audio-Technica :)
yeah, they`re pretty good, in the studio where i work we have a pair of them for long studio sessions. indeed they are comfortable!
990 is awesome too, has a bit less bass but overall more linear response. so it makes the 990 an even better choice than the older 770.

i guess if you want more bass, you can easily just boost the low end of the graphic equalizer in your player. just boost wide around 60hz up to 120 hz and it should be fine. :D
the beat is always the same...boring
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