Lithuania vs USA basketball

who do u think gonna win
gief ur score prediciton in the comment section b e l o w

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ray william johnson <3
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inb4 ppl who have no idea about the game
inb4 another polak
once saw a match between those 2, lithuania had one massive white guy from 2meter 20 orso who scored everytime he threw a ball :O

lithuania won btw, was awesome:D
this will be all about match-ups:
United states PG and SG are much better than lithuania's guards and westbrook/rose will put a full pressure defense on them causing many turnovers + they have durant who is unguardable when his midrange game is on but:
lithuania is stronger in the paint, linas kleiza is playing awesome since the beginning and team USA doesn't have any real center, kevin love and lamar odom are PF (well lamar is even playing like a SF in the nba), the only real center is chandler, and he nearly doesn't play at all, because he is a complete liabiity on offense and he fouls too much on defense.
usa will still win but it will be very close imo.
btw,is france actually good at basketball?
sorry, didn't open my inbox until now :p
Well, we have some great players, most of our best players are in the NBA
tony parker( finals mvp in 2007 and 3x allstar our best player),joachim noah (bulls), nicolas batum (blazers) boris diaw (bobcats),mickael pietrus (orlando magic), johan petro (nets),ian mahinimi,roddy beaubois and alexis ajinca (mavericks), kevin seraphin (wizards)and ronny turiack (ny knicks).
I would say our best players here in europe are alain koffi,ali traore,andrew albicy and nando de colo.
I think if we succeed to bring all our best players for 2011 euro basketball in lithuania, we will the best country after spain,lithuania and maybe greece.
Imo, the 3 best lithuanian players at fiba championship 3 weeks ago were martynas pocius, javotkas and linas kleiza, your country is really great at basketball :)
when is it on?
saturday, 18h00 CET
haha Lithuania beat canada haha

not funny

just wanted to say hi long time no see :D
I guess u are talking about arvydas sabonis who was 7'3.
He was a genius, awesome passer and ball-handler for his size, great court vision, could shoot the 3, and had numerous post-moves, in his prime years he was just unstoppable. Probably the best european center ever and imo the best european basketball player ever along with drazen petrovic and dirk nowitzki.

edit: reply fail, i wanted to answer to juize:)
you really needed to ask this? lol
argentina went in the game with the same attitude as urs :)
both blow
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