All cybergames offline? Wtf? dogod quited? There is a new Cybergames server :>

[CYBERGAMES] Free Clanserver #One

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maybe... no
Yeah, he bailed. I can imagine tho paying 5 x 35+ euro a month.
Ive decided to take over number one. Lets hope that with this extra admin/ref monitoring there will be less cheating.

Props are still at dogod. <3
Killer want to be a ref/admin? Ill send you details.
is that wb4/ raze? one of the biggest pub whiners ever?
Thats me. But thats because i fucking dislike cancer cheats with the bigges passion possible. So they can get a rainbow of flames from me.
Disable PB, put SLAC on.
dogod stopped playing like 4 or more years ago, was about time :x
we should be thankfull he run the cybergames servers for such a long time
Yeah! I am. This server is still donated to His name, and

@ Quazz that will happen in the future when populated. With a kick for not having slac on.
who gives a shit
so sad :) thanks raze i couldnt play without a cybergames server :p
Haha, same. Its sad. From the story's I've heard its the end of cyber. There is a small chance they will be back but i dont think so.

If they do, i will make this cyber, under supervision and permission of Dogod a "SLAC" cyber.

Dogod's cyber's are my public i always play/whine on. I'm fucking terribly sick of all the cheaters tho. Especially when i try to kick them. And being kicked myself eventually by the cheater.
This will end with the new Cybergames since im going to pick 5 Ref/admins who are active.
+1 my dream came true cyber with less cheaters and lagg omgomgomg :D
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