New phone?? Help!!

So since my Samsung Star is as good as dead...(Screen freezes, buttons refuse to work, battery failure from time to time) I'm looking for a new one :)
Texting is kinda important so would appreciate DECENT KEYBOARD (hardware or not doesn't matter as long as you don't hit the button next to it too often...)

Not willing to spend 700 euros on my phone though(aka Iphone 32GB)...

So far I've tought about:
--- Htc touch pro 2
--- Samsung Galaxy
--- HTC HD2

Please help me :D
i bought my iphone 3GS for 1 Euro! So where is the Prob!
sony ericsson k770i Cybershot! you dont need more m8
android based
Samsung Galaxy S Reason:
Technical specification are nearly equal to the iPhone4
Android Apps are working fine.. (not like on the HTC Desire..)
what the fuck are u talking about desire ? everythink working fine for me
htc desire
nokia x6
i've heard about problems with app and my friends also showed me this problems...
i can only tell what i've heard/seen...
i used to have thc touch pro 2. Its nice phone, but can be sluggish at times. If you use windows then i suggest spbmobileshell, which makes it 100% funkier, and faster at some stuff.
Get a Nokia foru sure. For an example 5230
samsung galaxy it pwns
blackberry bold 9700 low- kutbelg
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