download mp3?

hello n3rds/g33ks... etc.

where do you download your mp3s?

normally i download via iTunes but the shitty german iTunes store lacks a song I really need for tonight...
Buy them from IRL shop.
on Sunday....
Why does Sunday matter?
need it for tonight...
It's day time now. So go to the shops :D
Ah, you don't know, german shops are closed on Sundays... gonna buy it in iTunes as soon as it's there but need it unedited for at least today ;)
When I was in Germany, shops were open on a Sunday :D
lucky guy, there are some "Sunday-ALL-OPEN" shopping days but thats not regular... at least not in the part of germany i live^^
:( Where do you live? I was in Viersen, <3 it and miss it :(
Nuremberg, Bavaria(Bayern) and it's like ubernormal that shops are closed on sundays's except of fuel stations, fast food, restaurants and shit but normal supermarkets are closed as always...

anyway, i never buy music on cd's, since i got my iphone i always buy it via iTunes but the german iTunes store always needs like 3 weeks till it has a song which is already available in UK/US Store.... Why? fuck german law i guess or dunno

I think of registering in US Store... is that even possible? dunno
I could have been in Berlin this weekend, but work got in the way :s
there are only edited versions of it since youtube doesnt allow original to stay online :|
beemp3 for single songs - 128kbit
torrents / warez - for 320kbit - for jazz/electronica/new age
thanks, will try
You know what would help a lot? Telling us the name of the song. :p 5$ a month, I've always found what I've looked for, very good quality
sounds like a serious waste of money to me...
buying music digitally is the stupidest thing ever for me, so if i buy any theyre CD's
anyway, google:

album name
usually download from rapidshare
but single songs from
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